Job Interview Checklist – How To Nail Your Next Job Interview

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BEFORE THE INTERVIEW Dress to impress Dressing smartly and being punctual will give you the opportunity to relax into the environment. A good, firm handshake is vital. Maintain good eye contact and be cheerful. All these factors help create a positive first impression. PMA- Positive mental attitude You have earned this interview so the client [...]

Will Resigning Now Help You Secure A New Role Sooner?

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One of our candidates is keen to make a move so she asked us if she should resign and then she would not have to serve a 3-month notice period. She wanted to know "would this make her more marketable to a new employer?" No I don’t believe so. Firstly it is likely that the [...]

How Long Will It Take To Make a Move?

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This is a follow-up article to "Will Resigning Now Help You Secure A New Role Sooner". We were asked by one of our candidates whether she should resign sooner rather than later? In the article "Will Resigning Now Help You Secure A New Role Sooner?" LINK HERE /will-resigning-now-help-you-secure-a-new-role-sooner/ After that our candidate said she wanted [...]