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Company NewsSalary Survey

The Big Picture: Treasury in the US

We're delighted to have released the results of our Spring 2019 Salary Survey, an invaluable document that aims to provide the treasury community with a clear and factual picture of the treasury...

April 20, 2019/No comment
Client Advice

The Treasury Library

We’ve gathered all you need to successfully recruit the next hire, or find your dream treasury job. Whether you’re looking for job description templates or CV inspiration, we’ve...

June 15, 2018/No comment
Candidate Advice

Let’s Keep It Casual

If you’re thinking that in a time of economic and political uncertainty, you should take a ‘better the-devil-you-know’ approach to career progression and job prospects is best, I know exactly...

November 20, 2017/No comment
Client Advice

Attracting Candidates

What Do Treasury Candidates Want? The current political and economic landscape has created a certain amount of trepidation amongst treasury candidates. Let’s face it, treasury professionals...

October 30, 2017/No comment
Candidate AdviceClient Advice

UK Market Update

The UK Treasury Recruitment market has slowed down over recent months with some hesitation from our clients to channel their efforts into driving headcount growth at a time of clear economic and...

June 21, 2017/No comment
Candidate AdviceClient Advice

Not All Recruiters are SCUM!

When I spoke at the USA Treasurers Conference in Florida in the Q&A session one of the Treasurer’s explained how horribly she had been treated by her local recruiter. She asked me how...

February 2, 2017/No comment
Candidate AdviceClient AdviceInterview Advice

Don’t Interview Like This!

Adopting an intelligent interview strategy during any hiring process is critical to success. Here is an example where one of our clients got it very wrong and nearly lost out on their perfect...

February 1, 2017/No comment
Client AdviceCompany News

Past and Current Clients

These are some of our past and current client testimonials who have said they are happy to recommend The Treasury Recruitment Company. “The Treasury Recruitment Company placed me in my...

December 3, 2015/No comment
Candidate AdviceCompany News

Working Visa

Unless otherwise stated, if applying for a job within the European Union or the USA – you must ensure that you are already authorised to work there. EUROPE Do you need a Visa to work in the...

March 22, 2016/1 comment
Candidate AdviceCV/Resume Advice

DO Send Me Your Resume…

In some of our previous posts we moan some of the generic Resumes / CV’s we receive. Whilst there are suggestions about what should be on your Resume here are some further tips that may help you!...

October 13, 2015/No comment
Candidate Advice

Dear Treasury Analyst…

We thought this recent exchange of emails may be of interest to our readers and followers. Names have been changed to protect the Job Seeker! “Dear Danielle I had an in-depth look at the...

October 13, 2015/No comment
Candidate AdviceCV/Resume Advice

I hate personal statements

I have an aversion to the Personal Statement that so many people love at the beginning of their CV’s / resumes! Allow me to explain why! I often read phrases like ‘I am an enthusiastic, keen,...

August 1, 2017/No comment
Candidate AdviceLinkedin Advice

LinkedIn – Friend or Foe?

My recommendations for those seeking their next position or recruiting via LinkedIn and some Do’s and Don’ts from my experience. Contrary to what you might think, we have always viewed LinkedIn...

October 7, 2015/No comment
Candidate AdviceCV/Resume Advice

Resume – Do’s and Don’ts

In this article we talk about some of the best and the worst resumes and how your resume is simply a passport to getting an interview. The first tool in your recruitment toolbox is your resume....

July 7, 2017/1 comment

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