“The Treasury Career Corner Catch-Up” – Not A Newsletter

2023-07-05T15:23:49+01:00July 5th, 2023|

"The Treasury Career Corner Catch-Up" - Not A Newsletter Who likes newsletters anyway? If you're anything like 18.7% of people (as disclosed by Dr. JJ Peterson at StoryBrand), you probably don't even open emails with "NEWSLETTER" in the title. We get it, and we're with you. That's why we've decided to go rogue and [...]

Crafting a strong treasury CV

2023-06-09T16:25:29+01:00May 13th, 2020|

Some enlightening facts and figures to start us off……… when it comes to CVs and getting yours noticed by a potential employer.Updated figures say that recruiters spend on average 5-7 seconds looking at a CV….First applications are received 200 seconds after a job is postedOne spelling or grammar mistake and your CV will be chucked [...]

I hate personal statements

2022-03-14T17:19:33+00:00October 1st, 2020|

I have an aversion to the Personal Statement that so many people love at the beginning of their CV’s / resumes! Allow me to explain why! I often read phrases like ‘I am an enthusiastic, keen, motivated employee and every finance strategy I touch turns to gold’. Well, I am sorry but that is just [...]