Dear Treasury Analyst…

We thought this recent exchange of emails may be of interest to our readers and followers.

Names have been changed to protect the Job Seeker!

“Dear Danielle

I had an in-depth look at the three different positions you are currently recruiting.

To be honest my current employer has just offered to pay for my Cash Management exams so I’m not sure whether now is the best time to leave.

Are other employers happy to pay for studies?

Or refund them if partially complete?

Also whilst I am enjoying working in Brussels, I am hoping my next move may be to an international Treasury position in London, Geneva, Paris or Amsterdam.

Are these markets you cover?

Or if I decide to stay for longer in Brussels do you work in the Belgian market?

So as a result, leaving where I am today does not seem to be the most strategic option, especially if it is to stay in Belgium. However, if you offer or will be able to offer a challenging position in the future that matches my desire to work in an international role, please do not hesitate to contact me on my personal email or on my mobile phone.

Incidentally thank you for reaching out to me did you find me through referral or through a data search on LinkedIn?

Kind regards

Treasury Analyst Candidate

Dear Treasury Analyst Candidate

Having read through your background and detailed reply I agree I think if your current employer are supporting you and continuing to do so then at the moment I would stay.

When you complete your Cash Management certificate then want to look we are definitely here to help you .

Incidentally virtually all the employers we work with offer support for your Treasury studies so if you decided to leave your current employer before completion they will pay any study invoices they want to reclaim as long as you are continuing your studies.

In terms of markets:

London – our original home market, the greatest density of treasury professionals the most number of opportunities in what is a mature developed recruitment market

Geneva & Brussels – two of our other key markets that have both been quieter recently but are starting to awake from their slumber! Some good roles starting to come through!

Paris – we have recruited in Paris but a lot of the corporates have tended to recruit out of the local market rather than use treasury recruiters who are focused internationally but when they have we have successfully placed there

Amsterdam – I have recently finished working on two roles in the region one we placed the other we lost out to an internal candidate if you are interested in seeing the details of other roles in the Netherlands let me know.

Again this is a rapidly returning market so if ever you are interested then perhaps we should chat now for the future

How did we find you?

It was actually both!

LinkedIn kept suggesting we link most likely because my focus is on helping candidates at your level secure their next role but when I was researching potential candidates in Brussels where we have been recruiting positions recently and your name was mentioned to me.

I hope this all makes sense and please do retain my information so when you next need Treasury Recruitment advice you know who to call!


Danielle Penfold

Without giving too much specific detail as this was an extract from a confidential exchange the candidate was referring to the Cash Management Certificate run by the UK Association of Corporate Treasurers, a great qualification that many of our candidates study.

Many of our US candidates choose to study for the US CTP Treasury exam.


If you are at any stage of your Treasury career and want to discuss the market then feel free to reach out I want to help you secure your next position.

I am happy to give my advice whenever needed!

Kind Regards

Danielle Penfold

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