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32nd EuroFinance International Treasury Conference

es Barcelona, Spain
Calendar icon27th Sep 23

Join Mike Richards and two amazing senior treasury practitioners for a session on “Achieving Career Success in the New Hybrid World of Remote & In-Person Treasury Teams.” Don’t miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights and learn from industry experts on how to navigate the changing world of work in the treasury field.


Craig Perkins

Head of UK Recruitment

Craig is the Senior Recruitment Consultant who leads our UK Practice. With years of experience in recruiting across Professional Managed Services in the UK and Ireland, he has now established himself as a specialist Treasury recruitment expert.

Katie Hardie

Head of European Recruitment

Katie is your key point of contact if you are based in Europe or have any hiring needs, as she runs our European practice. She comes with over 17 years’ experience both in specialist agency recruitment and heading up in house recruitment teams.

Mike Richards

CEO, The Treasury Recruitment Company

Mike Richards is the CEO & Founder of the Treasury Recruitment Company.
Established in 2002, The Treasury Recruitment Company are the only truly Global Treasury Recruitment firm in the world.

Mike regularly speaks at Treasury Recruitment conferences such as the EuroFinance International Treasurers Conference, the Windy City Summit in Chicago and the AFP USA Treasurers Conferences.

In addition Mike also hosts the very popular weekly podcast Treasury Career Corner where he interviews treasury professionals about their careers.

Date and time

Calendar icon27th Sep 23


es Barcelona, Spain

About this event

The shift to remote work has presented several challenges for corporate treasury professionals, including technology issues, unequal participation in meetings, and difficulty maintaining social connections and company culture.

Mike Richards, CEO of The Treasury Recruitment Company discusses with two leading Corporate Treasury practitioners the methods they have employed to address these challenges.

In the session we talk about the efforts they have made to level the playing field for remote workers and hybrid / in person treasury teams. The strategies they have used to maintain social connections as well as fostering creativity whilst effectively integrating new employees into the company culture.

Learning Objectives:

The speakers outline a range of strategies for levelling the playing field for remote workers focusing on ways to ensure that remote & hybrid workers are afforded the same opportunities and resources as in-person workers and are coached on how to overcome the challenges that can arise from remote work.
With a shift towards remote work, it can be difficult to maintain the same level of social connections that exist in an in-person work environment. The speakers discuss ways to foster social connections, maintain team cohesion despite physical distance and effectively integrate new employees into company culture.

Why is This Session Important to Treasury & Finance Practitioners?

This topic is important because it reflects the significant changes and challenges that have arisen because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Remote work has become the norm for many organizations, practitioners need to adapt to the new hybrid world and find ways to effectively manage their teams and operations from a distance.

The hybrid world of remote and in-person teams requires new approaches to communication, collaboration, and leadership, as well as the ability to balance the demands of both personal and professional life. All these factors make it crucial for treasury and finance practitioners to embrace the future of their field and work towards career success in the new hybrid world.

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