Executive Treasury Recruitment

As a CFO, your time is valuable.

You face a critical challenge: securing top treasury talent who can guide your financial strategy and ensure the robustness of your organization’s treasury functions. The route you’ve perhaps been following is sourcing candidates through LinkedIn.

This method offers access to a wide pool of professionals, but it’s a bit like casting a wide net into a vast ocean and you’re fishing in a sea of the 10% of candidates who are actively seeking a new position.

We give you access to the 90% of treasury professionals who aren’t actively seeking a new role, but they would like to find their next treasury career move through us. Our offering is a targeted, efficient, and successful approach to executive treasury recruitment.

A one-size-fits-all methodology doesn’t provide you with the calibre of candidates required for the pivotal role you’re trying to fill.

That’s why I established an Executive Search arm, exclusively focused on sourcing top-notch talent in the field of treasury. We believe that the quality of search should never be compromised by quantity.

Why Choose Our Executive Search Service?

  1. Precise Targeting: We harness our vast industry knowledge, expertise, and network gained through over 25 years recruitment in our chosen niche to locate the perfect candidate for your specific needs, rather than resorting to the broad and non-targeted approach that LinkedIn provides.
  2. Efficiency: Our streamlined process eliminates the need for you to sift through hundreds of candidates. We handle the heavy lifting, providing a curated list of high-quality professionals who meet your specific criteria, saving you precious time and resources.
  3. Success Rate: With our strategic approach, we’ve successfully placed numerous treasury executives who have gone on to make significant contributions to their respective companies. We focus on long-term matches that drive organizational success, not just filling positions.
  4. Retained Services: With our retained executive search, we commit to working with you until the ideal candidate is found and successfully onboarded, offering additional security for your investment.
  5. Partnership: We believe in forging strong partnerships with our clients. Our mission is to understand your unique needs, culture, and strategy so that we can match you with the treasury executives who will add the most value to your team.

In the modern, complex financial landscape, choosing the right treasury executives can be the difference between prosperity and struggle. Leverage our specialized executive search service to enhance your hiring process and secure the top-tier talent your company deserves.

Here’s a snapshot of our successful placements:

  • International/EMEA Treasury Manager at a Global Printing Company and Global Materials Science Company.
  • Head of Treasury Technology at a Global Fashion Brand.
  • Group Treasurer for a Chemicals and Sustainable Technologies Company, an International Engineering Solutions Provider, a Leading Manufacturing Company, a Petrochemicals Manufacturer, and a Waste Management Company.
  • Deputy Treasurer at a Nuclear Fuel Supplier, a Water and Sewerage Company, and a Housing Association.
  • Treasurer at a Leading Media Company and a Global Leader in Real Estate.
  • Head of Treasury for a Global Law Firm, an Aerospace Company, and a Global Talent Solutions Business.
  • Assistant Treasurer for an Asset Management Firm, a Housing Association, and a Water and Sewerage Company.
  • Head of Financial Markets at a Global Fashion Brand.
  • Director of Treasury and Corporate Finance at a Housing Association (2 placements).
  • Director, Cash Management and Operations and Director, Corporate and OPCO Financing & Support at a Petrochemicals Manufacturer.
  • Senior Specialist, Corporate Finance and Strategy at a Petrochemicals Manufacturer.
  • Head of Capital Markets & Financing at an Automobile Manufacturer.
  • Corporate Finance & Treasury Manager at an Automobile Manufacturer.

Each placement stands as a testament to our targeted and efficient approach. Experience the difference with our specialized executive search service today.

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