Having worked in treasury recruitment for just over a year now, I have noticed more and more that job titles on either LinkedIn or within a person’s CV are being over glamorized to make it seem like the role is either more important or more senior than it actually is. The truth is that by doing this you are potentially limiting yourself from being found by recruiters that may have the perfect opportunity for you as they are looking at the wrong level.  It could also deter a client from wanting to interview / meet you if they feel that you would be over qualified for a role they might have.

My advice is to make your CV / LinkedIn profile as clear, honest and concise as possible. You might not be actively looking for a new opportunity now, but if the perfect role is out there why not maximise your chances of being found for it by hiring managers or recruiters?

Remember its not just about job titles but rather what you actually do within that role. At the end of the day, without clear value and meaning, titles are little more than outmoded markers of status. They emphasize superficial distinctions among treasury professionals and it’s easy to become fixated on getting that promotion or the next job with the more impressive title.

Quite often I see CV’s with the job title ‘Treasurer’ but after speaking to them it translates that they are actually more of a Treasury Analyst.

I understand you may be responsible for some more senior activities within treasury but that doesn’t mean you are the ‘Treasurer’ yet, it does however show that you are willing and capable of ‘stepping’ up if the right opportunity presents itself.

When it comes to hiring, some clients ignore candidates’ titles on their CVs. Instead they look at the companies where they have worked, how long they worked there, and how the companies grew during their time there. They want to know what your actual responsibilities were, how they evolved and how you added value to the company during your time there.

A detailed background of roles and responsibilities and what you have achieved in these roles is more important when trying to secure that exclusive job interview.

Article by Gabe Hills


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