“Investing in Your Treasury Career” – The 2018 Windy City Summit, Chicago

What Treasury Professionals Need to Know

I can’t wait to speak for the 5th year in a row at the 2018 Windy City Summit, Chicago on Wednesday 23rd May 2018 at 4pm in Room 207 about why you need to “Invest in Your Treasury Career”.

I can’t wait to see my clients and candidates from all over the Mid-West.

In my session I talk about the fact that as treasury professionals you spend your lives safeguarding and investing your company’s money, but you need to remember to do the same for your treasury career!

My session includes;

  • Leveraging the power of Networking & Personal Branding to help you influence what people say, think and even believe about you
  • Balancing your Life and Career – prioritization – do you work to live or live to work?
  • Keeping your Treasury Career on-track by becoming your own Career Mentor

In my session, I provide practical strategies to support your future career success.

The 32nd Annual Windy City Summit takes place at the Navy Pier Convention Center in Chicago, Illinois from Tuesday 22nd May to Thursday 24th May 2018.

More details can be found here https://windycitysummit.org/


To give you a bit more background about me and my company.

I established The Treasury Recruitment Company in 2002

We are a Global Treasury Recruitment consultancy and I have worked as a specialist Treasury Recruiter for over 24 years.

We recruit treasury professionals across the Americas, Europe, the Middle East and Africa as well as Asia Pacific.

Follow this link for more background information; https://treasuryrecruitment.com/guide/us/

I am a regular speaker at conferences such as the USA AFP Conference, EuroFinance, the Windy City Summit – Chicago and Regional European Treasury Conferences.

Feel free to have a look at some of my other speeches where I give further advice about how to;

  • improve your LinkedIn profile
  • build effective teams
  • create a stand out resume
  • top tips when going for a job interview

Via this link – http://www.TreasuryTV.com



Mike Richards

CEO & Founder of The Treasury Recruitment Company



Why not connect to me via LinkedIn? https://www.linkedin.com/in/mrtreasury/

Eur +44 203 603 4448

Mob +44 7813 612 399

USA +1 312 612 0933


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