If you’re thinking that in a time of economic and political uncertainty, you should take a ‘better the-devil-you-know’ approach to career progression and job prospects is best, I know exactly where you’re coming from! But there are great opportunities out there for treasury professionals, if you know where to look and more importantly who to call!

If there’s one thing that my experience working in treasury recruitment has taught me is that treasury candidates are not inherently risk takers!

However, given the right opportunity I know many of you would be interested in exploring your options.

I think that many treasury professionals are not putting themselves on the job market at the moment for the following reasons:

  1. As Christmas / end of year approaches many candidates we speak to are sitting tight waiting to see what end of year bonus they are likely to be awarded?
  2. Uncertain times in terms of BREXIT, fluctuating economic conditions are making candidates cautious about exploring what’s out there
  3. Some people feel that they don’t want to job hunt when they are only interested in specific opportunities that will be of interest to them

The last point is key.

Why would you sign up with a recruitment consultancy – invest time and effort updating your CV, LinkedIn profile etc., put up with calls from recruiters trying to convince you to put yourself forward for roles?

Does the risk of moving jobs outweigh the opportunity on offer? Why bother?

Hang on – if that right opportunity were to come along you would want me to give you a call – wouldn’t you?

Do you know what you could be missing out on?

If I had a treasury job that had serious pull factors, such as the chance to accelerate your career, an opportunity to work in an environment that has great company culture, or simply the support and resources that your current role doesn’t have, I’m sure you would like the option to take it further.

The solution? Become a casual candidate!

Here’s a bit of recruitment terminology for you: passive and active candidates.

Passive candidates are people like you and me, not actively looking for a new job but if approached for the next career enhancing position we may be interested. Active candidates are as they sound, job hunters actively looking for a new role.

There’s a bit of a grey area between passive and active candidates. We call them ‘casual’ candidates. People who want a bit of certainty when it comes to investing their time pursuing job opportunities. People who want to reduce the risk of moving to a new treasury job, by only exploring those that are an excellent fit and offer real advantages over their current position.

How can you become a ‘casual’ candidate?

It works like this:

  1. Identify a specialist treasury recruitment agency with real depth and knowledge of the role

It’s no great surprise that we think that’s where we fit in!

Here at The Treasury Recruitment Co we want to help everyone’s treasury career that might mean we move you to a new role today, tomorrow, ten years from now!

After all, we’ve been recruiting treasury professionals for 15 years who’s to say we won’t be doing it for 15 more?

But we want you to be the judge but even if it’s not us we believe that working with a specialist recruiter is key.

They understand you and your current role, they understand your drivers and motivating factors; and they also understand how the role sits in their clients’ companies, and what their business objectives and strategies are. Armed with this in-depth knowledge, time wasting is not a factor. You will only hear about opportunities where there is a good fit.

  1. Call them, arrange an informal meeting

Naturally, recruiters need to know what you’re looking for, what you’re not looking for and enough about you to know that you’re a good candidate for certain roles.

Give them a call, explain that you’re not actively searching for a new position, but you want to know about the market they won’t class you as waste of time rather they know that the investment of their time as long you are open and honest will be worthwhile over the long term.

If you then decide you want to hear about specific opportunities be kept in mind for ideas at least you won’t miss out!

In our case, we attend treasury events regularly and they provide us with a great opportunity to explain what’s happening in the market to active and passive candidates alike. There’s an excellent chance that we’ll be at a conference you’re also attending.

Feel free to reach out we can meet up and chat about your needs and we can start building a ‘casual’ relationship! If you do want to take the next step to becoming a casual treasury candidate, contact one of the team or me here If you think you may be an active candidate, then feel free to search our current treasury jobs here