Meet the team: An introduction to Alex Buckwell

How long have you been at the Treasury Recruitment Company and what’s your background?

I have a slightly different background to that of my colleagues. I joined the business 4 months ago following a complete change of career. I worked in childcare for 15 years progressing from Nursery Assistant to Nursery Manager before deciding I needed a new challenge in an entirely new industry! My most recent role as Nursery Manager set me up well for my transition into recruitment as many of the skills are needed in both environments. I have seen recruitment first-hand from the side of the client, quite often having several open vacancies at the same time and not having the time to dedicate to filling these roles in a time-sensitive manner quite often required. I worked with recruiters who understood those pressures and made the acquisition of talented candidates seamless. I now want to be the person at the end of the phone who makes a client’s day easier by being someone they can turn to who understands what they need!

What have you been focusing on so far in your role?

I focus specifically at the junior to mid-level of the market, supporting clients and candidates from Treasury Assistant and Analyst, through to Senior Treasury Manager. My main focus over these past few months has been to get out there and introduce myself and our services to my network. It’s been such an interesting experience and I’ve had the opportunity to talk with some really fantastic people. We have been very well-received and people seem excited that they’re able to talk with a specialist consultant who actually understands what they do and what their anticipated career moves might look like, as opposed to a generalist recruiter who doesn’t have the in-depth sector knowledge to help them. I’ve also had the opportunity to work on a number of different campaigns during my time in the business so far, which has been really exciting and given me great insight to the market and the needs of our customers. 

What aspects have you enjoyed the most?

I’m a naturally inquisitive person so have loved getting to understand more about treasury as a whole and the critical role it plays within the wider business. I have enjoyed learning about the recruitment process and actually seeing it from the different side of the fence compared to my nursery management days. I have relished getting to know the different individuals I have spoken with so far, finding out about their backgrounds and what they’re looking for in their next career moves. And perhaps above all, it’s been working with the team here. They’re a fab bunch and have really looked after me as the newbie on the team. 

What have you found the biggest challenge?

Aside from the complex nature of treasury itself and getting my head around the different aspects of the function, the biggest challenge for me has been the pure scale of the US market. I am only one person and there are only so many hours in the day, so I have really had to use my organisation and time management skills to plan carefully and ensure I am allocating my time effectively. I’ve got to be honest though, I love being busy and this is really part of the buzz of the role for me.

What will be your key focus moving forward?

The key focus for me over the short term is essentially to continue what we’re doing, growing our presence across the US. My ultimate goal is to become the go-to treasury recruiter for the region so although it’s still early days for me on my personal career journey, with hard work and dedication I am confident our long-term goals will be realised and I am very excited to see what the future holds.

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