Episode 022 – Why Do You Need To Develop Your Treasury Skills And Keep Learning?

In this episode, you’ll get to hear part two of my recent speech at the ACTA (Austrian Corporate Treasury Association). The ACTA is an organisation that I’m very passionate about because not only does it aim to promote the treasury profession, but it also helps support the professional development of treasurers worldwide.

This episode focuses on why qualifications is a key differentiator for anyone working in treasury and why it’s vital that treasury professions continue to develop their treasury skills and keep learning.

I hope you find a lot of value from this episode and it inspires you to keep working on improving yourself, your skills and your career.

On this podcast, you’ll learn about:

  • Why qualifications are so important to achieve a successful career in treasury
  • The importance of developing your treasury skills
  • How to stay ahead of change by continuing your pursuit of knowledge
  • The difference between a business mentor and a coach
  • Why you need a business mentor or a professional coach
  • Transitioning from having a mentor to seeking out an appropriate coach that can help move your career forward
  • Much more!

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Talking Treasury Careers

In this weekly podcast, I interview treasury professionals from across the globe about their treasury careers. I talk to them about their roles, how they built their careers, where they are now and where do they see both themselves and the treasury profession developing.

Other areas we talk about include; Career highlights and lowlights. Where they got their big break? What do they see as key to their success? Where do their careers go from here? What do they see as the future of the Treasury profession?