Episode 032 – How to Recruit Good Treasury Candidates with Shailesh Bettadapur

In this episode of the Treasury Career Corner podcast, I’m delighted to be joined by Shailesh Bettadapur, VP & Treasurer at Mohawk Industries.

Shailesh S. Bettadapur is Vice President and Treasurer of Mohawk Industries, Inc, where he is responsible for financing, capital structure management, treasury operations, risk management, and M&A. Prior to joining Mohawk in August 2010, Mr. Bettadapur held a number of senior positions with other companies and has considerable international experience in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

On the podcast we discussed:

  • How Shailesh got his first break in treasury
  • A comparison between the treasury industry of the 90’s to modern-day treasury and how the industry has changed
  • Shailesh shares his experience working internationally in places such as Detroit, Belgium and Singapore
  • Shailesh’s experience working for Johnson Controls and how it compared to other firms he has worked for in the past
  • An insight into Shailesh’s current role as VP and treasurer at Mohawk Industries
  • How treasury is structured in Mohawk
  • Shailesh reveals his ethos in treasury and how he has seen treasury change over the course of his career
  • Must-have qualities if you’re applying for a new job role within treasury
  • The importance of having integrity and “energy” as a treasurer
  • Recruiting challenges experienced by Shailesh
  • How the candidate pool has changed over the years
  • Shailesh shares his view on where he sees treasury going in the future
  • How blockchain and artificial intelligence will impact the future of treasury
  • Career advice for anyone seeking employment in treasury
  • Much, much more!

If you would like to get in touch with Shailesh, you can connect with him via his LinkedIn profile.

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Talking Treasury Careers

In this weekly podcast, I interview treasury professionals from across the globe about their treasury careers. I talk to them about their roles, how they built their careers, where they are now and where do they see both themselves and the treasury profession developing.

Other areas we talk about include; Career highlights and lowlights. Where they got their big break? What do they see as key to their success? Where do their careers go from here? What do they see as the future of the Treasury profession?