When I spoke at the USA Treasurers Conference in Florida in the Q&A session one of the Treasurer’s explained how horribly she had been treated by her local recruiter. She asked me how she should deal with it.

Here’s a bit more of the story and what I recommended she do!

At the end of my AFP USA Treasurers Conference about ‘Social Media & the Power of Personal Branding’ I was told a bit of a horror story by one of the delegates.

The Treasurer explained how she had been treated very badly by her local recruiter.

He had connected with her then promised he would help her career.

He then proceeded to approach all her professional contacts for business saying they were close associates – they weren’t!

He then didn’t return any of her calls when she was interested in roles and wanted him to stop calling her contacts saying they were friends he avoided her calls!

She had a very angry face and as a recruiter I was in the firing line! I was in trouble!

My reply…

“OK everyone this lady has been treated horribly by her recruiter and I agree all recruiters are SCUM!!!”

Cue laughter as I diffused an angry lady but then I explained I wanted to help her.

In this case she was right.

The guy was lower than pond slime so what could she do!

I explained to her, there were three solutions to her problem that she needed to use;


  1. Hide her connections

It’s relatively simply to hide your professional connections on LinkedIn, you just need to go to your privacy settings that are in the top right tab of your profile, usually behind the thumbnail picture of you.  You then just set your connections to private so only you can see them.


  1. Delink Privately

Whilst you are in the Privacy menu she needed to temporarily go incognito / hide what someone sees when you view their profile.

They see nothing when you visit their profile.


Well our cunning plan was that she then removes him as a connection and she could block him from even seeing her on LinkedIn.

Thereby, limiting her future exposure to him and his influence contact to her for both now and in the future.


  1. USA vs European Recruiters

I recommended that she read my article about “why the US and European recruitment markets are so different”.

LINK HERE us-treasury-market/

Basically it is because many US recruiters are 100% commission based and recruiters based in Europe generally aren’t!

This reward/lack of reward structure breeds short termism and divisive behaviour when all most recruiters want to do is earn enough $ / £ to pay the bills and buy the next round!