Creating a standout LinkedIn Profile

Step 10 – Ask for Recommendations

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Ok, so we are now on to the last of my Top Ten Tips.

At every conference when I run this session I ask people how many of you have decided/been influenced about what to buy based on a review you have read online?

Even to the smallest degree? Typically everyone says they have even a little bit.

I then ask if any of them know the person who wrote the review?

And yet you still made the decision to buy the item based upon the opinion of a stranger!

Strange huh, the power of other people’s views despite you knowing nothing about that person and what their likes and dislikes are and whether in fact they are the same as yours??

BUT that is the power of a review.

In fact, it is stated that 92% of consumers trust peer recommendations over advertising.

Consumers are smart. We are savvy and social, and we know what we want.

And this very same level of expectation is also now streaming into our working lives.

So, when I am looking to work with a potential client – I will go and check out their LinkedIn and take a read of their recommendations.

Of course, I will!

I want to know what others are saying about them, just as I’d expect them to do the same to me.

And this is what you must expect people are doing to you.

Every time you engage with someone in the workplace whether it’s a boss about that promotion you are eagerly awaiting, a colleague about the project you’re working on together, or a recruiter representing you for that dream job you’re applying for…

Whoever it may be, they will be seeking validation of your experience and strengths.

So, with that in mind, it is not hard to understand why LinkedIn recommendations are so important.

Despite how important they are, people find this one of the hardest.

I’ve explained who you might ask but then they might not know what to comment on or what you like them to review you on.

We have a secret…….TELL THEM!

It is flattering. People don’t mind being asked. I love it when people ask me as I feel honoured they’ve selected me. It’s also great PR for me to be honest.

We don’t share exact wording we simply ask for their comments about a piece of work or a role we placed them in or the job we recruited for them. When they send us the comments we sometimes finesse them slightly to make them flow but always keep the same message.