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Kenny Nielsen on Career Decision-Making and Navigating Organizational Roles

In this insightful discussion, Kenny Nielsen talks about the conscious decisions one should make in their career. He suggests that instead of focusing solely on what one wants to achieve, consider what one doesn't want. Why? Because the path to success is rarely a straight line.

Kenny highlights the importance of appreciating where you are in your career, whether it's because you admire the company, enjoy the camaraderie of your colleagues, or take satisfaction in mastering your specific role. He advises that sometimes, to advance, you may need to take a step down or sideways, virtually traveling within an organization to gain broader experience and perspective.

These professional insights from Kenny and many more are shared in this video.

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Kenny Nielsen on Career Goals and Personal Fulfillment

In a captivating conversation, Kenny Nielsen urges us to reconsider the traditional approach to setting long-term career goals, particularly in today's fast-paced professional environment. He advocates for focusing on what drives and motivates you, what truly brings you fulfillment.

Kenny suggests asking yourself: what do you love doing? What makes you eager to start each day? If it's negotiating the best deals, go for it! If it's something entirely different, pursue that. Your passion and satisfaction in your work are crucial. However, he also advises being strategic about what you don't want in your career.

For instance, he shares his personal experience of limiting his time in cash management to avoid being typecast in the role. This approach encourages regular reevaluation of your position and the readiness to make changes when necessary.

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Senior Treasury Analyst for Darling Ingredients in Irving, TX

Hello, it's Mike here from the Treasury Recruitment Company. Now, you know when you hear a recruiter says that they are thrilled, excited to be recruiting for a client. And do they actually mean it? I can tell you I do. I'm loving recruiting for darling Ingredients, darling. Ingredients are headquartered in Irving, Texas.

They're the world's leading producer of sustainable natural ingredients across four main areas. Look at these right? Health, nutrients, bioenergy, and services. I. They are a truly global business who serve the AgriFood industry and reduce food waste by collecting and repurposing natural materials. We otherwise go to waste.

This way, they collect global supplied and demand, and they contribute to a circular economy. Now I'm recruiting a senior treasury analyst for the treasury team at Darling. They're responsible for internal and external financing. Leasing, cash and liquidity management, foreign exchange and interest rate risk management.

This role reports to Annu, the treasury manager at Darling, who we actually placed, and in turn, she reports into Martin, the group Treasure. Now I had a wonderful podcast with Martin. You see the link to that podcast in the show notes, find all about his career, how he developed as a treasurer and everything else really, and what a great team they are.

Now the main tasks of this role focus on the cash management and leasing operations, ensuring daily optimal cash achieved for both the US and Canada managing bank account structures, supporting the business in all bank and lease related matters as well. And it's gonna have great progression over the next few years.

Gonna work on projects with both Annu and with Martin. You're gonna support them in all things and actually it's a really great team atmosphere there as well. In terms of your profile, you're likely to have a degree, maybe that's in business or finance with at least two to three years. Corporate treasury expertise.

You want someone who, but who, someone who's able to develop and grow their treasury career as well. Someone who wants to roll their sleeves up, get stuck in, add value to the company, and the role itself is obviously based in Irving. They're very collaborative as a team. So what you're gonna want to do is spend a lot of time working together.

So what are you waiting for? Get on Apply for this exciting opportunity.

TIM MUINDI Expanding Roles The Intersection of Treasury and Finance Operations

In this episode, we navigate the fascinating story of how TIm embraced an unconventional opportunity. When a leadership role in finance operations became vacant, it wasn't just about filling in; it was about leveraging the synergy between finance operations and treasury for a more significant impact, especially in the area of working capital.

Tim didn't shy away from the challenge of managing credit collections and other unfamiliar areas. Instead, he realized that this role could offer a wealth of knowledge, new perspectives, and a different set of connections within the organization. This expansion not only strengthened his professional skill set but also amplified his influence within the company.

This broader role brought data to life, enabling him to identify key drivers and devise strategies for meaningful change. Despite its challenges, the experience of learning something new and influencing the business's financial outcomes was thoroughly rewarding.

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TIM MUINDI Crafting the First Treasury A Look into Building Treasury Infrastructure from Scratch

In this episode, we delve into the unique experience of being the first Treasury professional at TIBCO, a company that had never previously had a dedicated treasury role. With various internal teams handling disjointed elements of treasury, the challenge was not only to centralize but also to understand and shape what a successful Treasury operation should look like.

Tim took on the task of collaborating with internal teams to comprehend the business model and its drivers. With a clear vision of the company's future trajectory, the main objective was to build a robust treasury infrastructure that could support their aspirations.

The unique opportunity to be the first person in the treasury role presented the thrilling possibility to be involved in everything – cash management, investments, FX, insurance. This comprehensive involvement provided invaluable learning experiences that immensely enriched the subject's professional journey.

For insights into such unique career paths and more tips on professional development, dive into the episode.

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TIM MUINDI Leveraging New Experiences for Career Development A Journey Through Corporate Finance and

Tim Muindi the Treasurer of SERVICENOW recounts a pivotal career moment in his career about a role switch that led him to explore the vast territories of Corporate Finance and Treasury. It was a move that initially, he was hesitant to make. But as they say, fortune favours the brave.

Two years into his journey, a new role at the headquarters beckoned. He wa initially wary about making a significant career move. Despite reservations, a pivotal conversation with his father led him to reconsider his apprehension. The result? He courageously took the leap, relocated to Palo Alto, and ventured into an entirely different dimension of Treasury.

This decision turned out to be a gateway to numerous opportunities, enriching not only his financial acumen but also his skills in business development. The priceless experience of sharing rooms with seasoned treasurers, attending high-stakes meetings on credit, leasing, and pensions, all laid a strong foundation for his future growth.

Looking back, this switch was a defining moment in his career. But what implications does this have for you? How can you leverage such experiences for your career progression? Join us in this episode as we explore these questions and more.

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TIM MUINDI Aiming for Growth An International Career Leap in Treasury

In this episode, we delve into an intriguing career transition. Tim was embedded in a largely domestic transportation company, and he saw that he needed international experience to progress in his career. This challenge led him to seek an opportunity with EY's Global Treasury Advisory Services, a move that promised a steep learning curve.

With a keen eye on expanding his knowledge, specifically in FX, he joined EY, leading to a rigorous work schedule. Being on the road 95% of the time, working on back-to-back projects, this phase packed what felt like five years of experience into a year. It involved extensive travel, exposure to varied scenarios, and the chance to work with multiple tech companies.

Through these engagements, he not only tackled complex FX issues but also technology-related challenges, such as finding systems and working on implementations. This valuable experience gave him an in-depth understanding of the broader treasury landscape and its diverse scenarios.

What lessons can be gleaned from this journey? How can you utilize such experiences to steer your career in the right direction? Dive into this episode to uncover these insights and more.

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Forrest Cebold - AI in the Workplace: A Realistic Perspective

In this thought-provoking interview, Forrest Cebold, a seasoned professional, shares his pragmatic view on the buzz surrounding artificial intelligence (AI) in the workplace. While AI is undoubtedly an emerging trend, Forrest emphasizes that its widespread impact and job-replacing capabilities won't happen overnight. He urges viewers not to be overly concerned about immediate job displacement due to AI, as the evolution of this technology will take decades and is subject to numerous variables and changes.

Instead, Forrest encourages focusing on excelling in one's current job and actively seeking career growth opportunities. By concentrating on aspects within our control, we can better navigate our professional journey with confidence and optimism.

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Forrest Cebold - Navigating the Evolving Workplace: Insights from a Seasoned Treasurer

In this insightful interview, Forrest Cebold, Treasurer at Freeport LNG, shares his observations on the evolving workplace dynamics amidst the challenges of the COVID era.

He highlights a notable shift in how people perceive their careers, especially in functions like treasury and finance, where remote work has become the norm. With reduced in-person interactions, professionals now need to approach their career growth differently, relying less on traditional face time and office visits. Even the interactions with external professionals such as bankers have seen a significant decrease in physical presence, with remote work becoming more prevalent.

Forrest's first-hand experience provides valuable insights into the changing landscape of the professional world, emphasizing the importance of adapting to the new normal and leveraging the opportunities that come with it.

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