Bounce Back

A selection of videos from our “Bounce Back” candidate coaching program aimed at helping treasury professionals to increase your attractiveness to potential employers and get you ‘match fit’, ready to find your next treasury role.

BB2 Week 3 CV & Resume Advice


Your CV is the only thing that the employer has in their hand that will give him/her an impression about you. Hence, everything in a CV – the paper, the presentation, the language, and the overall look – describes you.

Getting your CV right is essential for any job-hunt success; it is the first stage of convincing a prospective employer that you are the one for the role.

In week 3, we share essential tips and guidance on how to craft a strong, comprehensive and cohesive CV for your next treasury role.

BB2 Week 2 SMART Goals and Goal Setting

On this ZOOM we discuss your second assignment, Professional Goals, Personal Aims & Financial Rewards” as is the case each week the assignment is designed for you.

The course has been designed to;
teach you how to improve
advise you want you need to focus upon
make the changes you need without supervision

Professional SMART Goals - Goals related to your professional work within Treasury, setting SMART goals specifically in relation to you as Treasury professionals i.e. tailored NOT general – they might be specific such as wanting to achieve a formal Treasury qualification in the next 12 months OR achieve the role of Treasurer within the next 2 years.

Personal Aims / Ambitions - These are your personal aims, not related to your work itself, possibly involving having to balance your work goals with your personal aims. These are more on a ‘personal’ level i.e. work / life balance and some of the steps you might take to try and achieve the balance etc…

Financial Rewards - Assessing your financial rewards / setting a target for yourself. How does your current salary compare to your peers? If you want a pay rise what practical steps are you taking to achieve this? How will you realize the savings your employer needs to offer you an increase? – it is designed to help you assess your current skill set and accompanying the assignment will be a quick video blog from me explaining what we want you to do.

Bounce Back 2 Week 1: Treasury Skills Wheel

On this ZOOM we discuss your first assignment, The Treasury Skills Wheel - it is designed to help you assess your current skill set and to assess where you are today.

We use the Treasury Skills Wheel that I created following discussions with over 60 successful treasurers.

Each of the sectors explores your skills levels in 3 out of 12 skills areas.

This should help you then assess where you sit on the wheel in each section.

It is designed so you can reflect and note down on the wheel;
- what do you think you need to develop the most?
- what is going to help you progress your treasury career?
- maybe it is to gain a formal qualification
- maybe you need to think about your career more strategically - what is your ‘Propensity to Learn’?

Bounce Back 1 Week 5: Group Zoom Call – Effective Interviewing & Advice

A recording of the ZOOM call Mike Richards and our Bounce Back Candidate Program members had on week five. ...

Week 6: Effective Recruitment Strategy

Link to Week 6 Group call about Recruitment Strategy

Bounce Back Week 4: Group Zoom Call - Improve Your LinkedIn Profile

A recording of the Zoom call Mike Richards and our Bounce Back Candidate Program members had on week four. ...

Week 5: Effective Interviewing

In week 5, Mike works with you to prepare for that all-important interview. He shares advice and tips to ensure you are fully prepared.

Link to Week 5 Group Call Advice About How to Interview Effectively