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How Long Will It Take To Make a Move?

This is a follow-up article to “Will Resigning Now Help You Secure A New Role Sooner”.

We were asked by one of our candidates whether she should resign sooner rather than later?

In the article “Will Resigning Now Help You Secure A New Role Sooner?

After that our candidate said she wanted to ask what she called an unfair question!

How long is it going to take me to achieve my next Treasury move?

Obviously, it is a difficult question to answer given who can predict how the recruitment market is on any given day, week, month or year!

However, we wanted to give a practical answer utilizing 20 year treasury recruitment expertise and by working through the average numbers.

My first assumption we make is of an average year of activity in an OK / improving economy if you want to ask the same questions in a recessionary economy then the numbers would have be markedly different!

Locations Considered

Mainly Europe and some Asian activity creeping through.

Not the USA though see below.

No US Activity will be taken into account.

This is because our US business operates differently to our European model.

Employment notice periods are vastly different in the US, one to two weeks is the norm. In some of the other markets, we deal with one to three months sometimes even six months has to be served!

This has a knock-on effect upon recruitment patterns and often accelerates the speed of the treasury recruitment decision making.

As we come out of this recessionary period I see the US Treasury Recruitment Market leading the other international markets we operate within.

The numbers below are what I would see as the bare minimum. I would expect the volume of assignments in the US to increase significantly by a factor of possibly two or three times what we might expect in the UK and European markets.

OK so how long will it take her to find a role in Europe?

  • Junior levels i.e. Treasury Analysts / Dealers – 3 good roles per MONTH coming through
  • Mid-levels i.e. Treasury Managers / Assistant Treasurers – 2 good roles per MONTH
  • Senior levels i.e. Group Treasurer / Treasury Director – 1 good role per MONTH

So within the next three to six months at the level of Treasury Manager she will be looking at two roles a month that might be suitable at her level.

Month 1

So out of the first two, she says no to the first role, they say no to her on the second role.

Month 2

Next two, she says yes to the third role, they interview her and it’s a no from both sides. She says yes to the fourth position but they say no.

Month 3

So on the fifth and sixth, they both say yes and she then has interviews for both.

She is offered one but not the other. She then decides it’s not quite right for her and she preferred the other role!

So we are three months in, two or three interviews done and one job offer. On an average basis, I feel this to be reasonable.