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Your CV or resume is the first thing a recruiter sees when considering you for a role, so you need it to be the perfect reflection of your skills, potential, and personality. A good CV is your ticket to your first interviews… while a bad one will ensure you never get get past the initial screening.

Get the basics right

What’s the formula for a great CV/Resume?

As Mike Richards, CEO and Founder of The Treasury Recruitment Company explains, “To get that vital first interview, you need to do the basics right and show a prospective employer that you can solve their pain points, provide an interesting and developing story, and show what your next career development step is.”

CVs/Resumes can vary in length and content depending on what role you’re applying for and your past experiences, but they need to reflect you as a potential hire — what unique skills do you bring to the table? The best CVs/resumes are clear and concise but still show personality through your past experiences, interests, skills, and achievements. Recruiters have to sift through hundreds, sometimes thousands, of applications.

Refining your CV/resume will help you stand out.

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