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Every 6-months we run our Treasury Salary Survey to understand how remuneration and benefits are changing in the sector. Get the results and compare how your wages stack up against other treasury professionals.

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The Treasury Salary Survey

This comprehensive survey is the foremost benchmarking tool for Treasury sector salaries. It gathers data from Treasury professionals worldwide, ranging from Treasury Analysts to Group Treasurers. By participating, you’ll gain exclusive access to the full results at no cost.

The last set of results, released at the end March 2024, saw over 1,110+ Treasury professionals contributing, we invite you to join them. Upon confirming your status as a Treasury Professional, you’ll receive a complimentary copy of the latest set of results and you are then included from then on!

All we ask is that you update your salary information whenever you get a well deserved pay rise 😉

Take the salary survey


What is the Salary Survey?
Our Salary Survey is an industry-leading survey that collects information on compensation trends among Treasury professionals.
How many people take part in the Treasury Salary Survey?
Over 1,110 treasury professionals regularly take part in the survey!
Why should I take part in the survey?
By taking part in the survey, you’ll gain valuable insights on compensation trends within the industry and be able to benchmark your salary against others in your field.
Is my information kept confidential?
Yes, your information is treated with the utmost confidentiality and none of the survey responses can be used to personally identify you.
How is my data used?
Your data is used to accurately assess your level within the industry and ensure that the results are as accurate as possible.
Can I see the results without taking part in the survey?
No, only survey participants get full access to the results.
Can I share the survey with my colleagues?
Yes! We encourage you to share the survey with your colleagues to help collect more data and improve the accuracy of the results.

Previous results

Q1 2023


View Q1 2023 Treasury Salary Survey results for the USA to see what level of data you get


Q1 2023

United Kingdom

View Q1 2023 Treasury Salary Survey results for the UK to see what level of data you get


Q1 2023


View Q1 2023 Treasury Salary Survey results for Europe to see what level of data you get


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