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  • Women in Treasury

    How Do You Perceive the Role of Women in Treasury?

    Recent events relating to gender in the workplace have dominated the headlines, including #MeToo and the row over equal pay at the BBC. This has made many businesses and organisations take a long hard look at themselves and how they perform in respect to gender [...]

  • Treasury recruitment crisis

    Maintaining A Good Reputation In A Crisis

    One of the biggest news stories in the banking sector recently, has been the TSB IT crisis where many customers were unable to access their accounts for several weeks, leaving customers enraged and struggling to access funds for day to day life. This was a [...]

  • treasury recruitment advice

    Hero to Zero by Glamorising Your Job Title

    Having worked in treasury recruitment for just over a year now, I have noticed more and more that job titles on either LinkedIn or within a person’s CV are being over glamorized to make it seem like the role is either more important or more [...]

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