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Treasury Recruitment Company Update May 2023 with Mike Richards


About this episode

In our latest monthly update, our CEO & Founder Mike Richards reflects back on the month just gone and on what’s to come. On the podcast he discusses… Recap of the podcast episodes in April: Ep. 262 – Interview with Royston Da Costa, Assistant Treasurer at Ferguson Group about the next stage of technology in treasury Ep. 263 – Interview with Jean Furter, Treasurer at Poly about predicting the future of treasury Ep. 264 – Interview with Marc Verkuil, Founder of Amstel Treasury Management about developing regions in treasury Ep. 265 – Interview with Francisco De Barros, Assistant Treasurer at Ingersoll Rand about finding supportive mentors in treasury Upcoming podcast episodes this May: Interview with Tanya Kuznetsova, Director - Treasury and Cash Cycle Transformation at Baptist Healthcare Special Feature Episode on Retaining Your Treasury Team in the New Age of Hybrid Working Upcoming Events Mike hosting a virtual AFP webinar on Achieving Career Success Through Effective Networking and a Strong Personal Brand’ with Lee-Ann Perkins & Joel Campbell’ Mike speaking at Windy City Summit in Chicago on the first morning in May, about ‘The Importance of Branding and Networking to Achieve Success in Your Treasury Career’ Mike and Katie will be attending Euro Finance in Barcelona to meet candidates from different markets Mike will also be speaking at TMANY, New York and AFP, San Diego – more details to follow Mike discusses the current state of the USA, European and USA market and gives answers to the top UK questions he gets asked. Other areas discussed in the show include;
  • That the US treasury recruitment market is busy with jobs spread across the market
  • The operational level has more job openings, but senior roles are harder to come by
  • Salaries in the US are rising but are only keeping pace with inflation, they are NOT overtaking it
  • Katie Hardie said the European market had a slow start in Q1 but is now picking up, with plenty of opportunities in the Nordics, Belgium, Luxembourg, and Germany
  • Craig Perkins from Treasury Recruitment shares some of the top questions he's being asked by candidates, including how soon is too soon to be looking for the next career move?
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