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Broadening Your Treasury Career with Richard Garry


About this episode

In this episode of the Treasury Career Corner podcast I am delighted to be joined by Richard Garry, the Group Treasurer at Informa Group. We explore the various roles Richard has held and the importance of broadening your experience with each career decision. It was a valuable discussion, with some great advice that highlights the benefits of setting strategic goals and investing in your career.

Richard is currently responsible for the Group Treasury, Insurance Programme and Pension risks of Informa plc, managing a centralised department from the Corporate Head Office in London. Comprising of a team of 10 professionals, the Group Treasury function is responsible for the company’s debt, cash, foreign exchange and corporate finance requirements.

Prior to joining Informa, Richard worked for IMI plc, the UK listed global industrial engineer, in a similar role and through a period of transformational change for that business he managed a significant disposal and various acquisitions. Richard has also worked for HS1 Ltd, the owner of the high-speed rail infrastructure which runs from St Pancras Station in London to the start of the Channel Tunnel, where in 2011/12 he restructured the balance sheet using a Whole Business Securitised structure.

Richard spent the bulk of his career at Toyota Financial Services where he was responsible for the funding and risk management of its €10Bn Balance sheet across Europe & Africa. Whilst there he was also Chaired their Global Asset Liability Committee. Richard has also had stints at Reuters and British Airways, where he started his career as a Graduate Trainee.

On the podcast we discussed:

How Richard started out in treasury and what interested him about a treasury role
The various career changes Richard has made and the key decisions behind them
Richard’s experience with interim roles
The treasury set up at Informa and Richard’s reasons for moving there as a FTSE100 firm
How to lead a treasury team to successfully grow an organisation
Setting goals that align with your team and your organisation
What interested Richard in becoming a Non-exec Committee Member at Sovereign Housing
Advice for those looking to progress in treasury including four key points: learning your trade, working with smart people, being willing to grab opportunities and being true to yourself

If you’d like to get in touch with Richard, you can connect with him via his LinkedIn profile (