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Steps to Treasury Success with Gary McGuire


About this episode

We’re celebrating 100 episodes of The Treasury Career Corner podcast, which is an incredible milestone and we’re so grateful for each of our guests and those of you who listen in each week.

To celebrate 100 episodes of the show, I’m joined by superstar VP and Treasurer of Dow Inc., Gary McGuire.

Gary leads a global team of over 100 treasury professionals managing all aspects of Dow’s finances which include Funding, Operations, Planning, Customer Financial Services, Insurance, Pension, Financial Risk Management, Compliance, Corporate Real Estate, and Enterprise Wide Risk Management. Gary is President and CEO of Liana Limited and Dorinco Reinsurance Company (wholly owned subsidiary of Dow), in addition to serving on the boards of both companies. He is chairman of Dow’s Investment Committee, and also a member of the Liana Finance Committee and Dow’s Benefits Governance Finance Committee (BGFC).

Outside of Dow, Gary is board member of the Dow Chemical Employee’s Credit Union in addition to serving on its Asset Liability Management Committee and its Loan Committee. He is a board member of MidMichigan Health where he also Chairs its Finance Committee, is Vice Chair of its Investment Committee and Vice Chair of the Compensation Committee. Gary is also a member of the Board of the IFOPA (a 501c3 charity) as well as Treasurer and Chairman of its Finance Committee. Gary holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada.

On the podcast we discussed…

  • How Gary got started in treasury and worked his way up to his current VP position
  • Lessons Gary learned during his time away from Dow
  • Integrating pension into treasury
  • What it was like for Gary to take on more responsibility as he climbed up the career ladder
  • Interesting challenges that treasurers face when working for a company like Dow
  • Potential changes and innovations treasurers may face in the near future
  • Why it’s so important to leverage bank relationships
  • How to compete with other candidates who want the same treasury roles as you

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