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How to Build a Global Treasury Organisation with Jim McHale


About this episode

Jim McHale, who was most recently the Vice President, Corporate Treasurer of Graebel Companies, Inc., joins me on this episode of the Treasury Career Corner podcast, where we talk about how he built his career and where he sees himself going next. Graebel Companies, Inc., is a global workforce and workplace mobility and relocation management company headquartered in Aurora, CO. Graebel helps Fortune 500s, Global 100s, and other organizations with absolutely everything involved in relocating their people - from rethinking company policies to getting the VP’s cat through customs. Jim was responsible for all global treasury operations, cash & liquidity management and forecasting, global credit & collections, home equity operations, and ABL and home equity financing structures. Jim was previously with KPMG, Solo Cup Company, Hollister Incorporated, UOP LLC (a Honeywell company), and Fenwal, Inc. Jim has a BS-Accounting degree from Louisiana Tech University, and an MBA, International Specialization, from Lake Forest Graduate School of Management. Jim began his career in accounting, but has been in global treasury since 1997, focused on all components of the global cash flow cycle. On the podcast we discussed…
  • How Jim went from accounting to treasury
  • Jim talks about his experience with foreign exchange hedging and interest rate hedging
  • Why the diverse culture in treasury drew Jim to the role
  • The difference between public and private equity
  • The checklist for building a global treasury organisation from scratch
  • The importance of having a risk management mindset
  • How to manage a group of treasury professionals from around the world
  • How to build an effective treasury team
  • What Jim enjoyed most about our ‘Bounce Back’ program
  • Jim shares his best advice for other treasurers
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