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Steve Rosethal
Steve RosethalGlobal Treasurer & MD
Modesty Johnson
Modesty JohnsonVP, Treasurer
Streamland Media
Mike Richards
Mike RichardsCEO, Host
The Treasury Recruitment Company

TMANY New York Cash Exchange Annual Conference, New York – 12 – 14th September

Full details of the session below:

Don’t miss Mike Richards’ on-stage session with senior treasury professionals Modesty Johnson, VP Treasurer at Streamland Media, and Steve Rosenthal, Global Treasurer at Broadridge Financial Solutions.

Join them as they discuss “How To Retain Your Treasury Team in The New Hybrid World of Work” and share valuable insights.

Full details of the session below:

Session Description:

The shift to remote work has presented several challenges for corporate treasury professionals, including technology issues, unequal participation in meetings, and difficulty maintaining social connections and company culture. Mike Richards, CEO of The Treasury Recruitment Company discusses with two leading Corporate Treasury practitioners the methods they have employed to address these challenges. In the session we talk about the efforts they have made to level the playing field for remote workers and hybrid / in person treasury teams. The strategies they have used to maintain social connections as well as fostering creativity whilst effectively integrating new employees into the company culture.

Learning Objectives:

  • The speakers outline a range of strategies for levelling the playing field for remote workers focusing on ways to ensure that remote and hybrid workers are afforded the same opportunities and resources as in-person workers and are coached on how to overcome the challenges that can arise from remote work.
  • With a shift towards remote work, it can be difficult to maintain the same level of social connections that exist in an in-person work environment. The speakers discuss ways to foster social connections, maintain team cohesion despite physical distance and effectively integrate new employees into company culture.
  • The speakers provide practical insights on how to leverage technology to overcome technical challenges and improve communication and collaboration in a hybrid world of remote and in-person teams. They will also emphasize the importance of continuous learning and upskilling to adapt to the changing demands of the industry and stay up to date with the latest technologies and trends.

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