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The Treasury Recruitment Company at Eurofinance, Barcelona 2023!

So I got there 6am flight British Airways T5, loaded my conference stand, I arrived & my conference stand didn’t 🫢 - thanks British Airways!!!

Anyway Mike Richards, Katie Hardie, Craig Ryan Perkins eventually landed 🛬 and our amazing photographer Álvaro González Flores took amazing LinkedIn photos of 250+ lovely Treasury folks for the 3 days.

It was an amazing EuroFinance Conference, Barcelona, here's the video & commentary about the current state of the treasury recruitment market.

Personal Statements on LinkedIn: Showcasing the Authentic You

This video is dedicated to helping you navigate the world of LinkedIn personal statements. If you've ever felt frustrated or confused about what to include, you're not alone - and you're in the right place.

I discuss a common misconception: Your LinkedIn profile is not an online version of your resume. It's a curated highlights reel that showcases your professional achievements in a dynamic way.

I delve into the pitfalls of overused and meaningless jargon, such as "people centric leader", "impactful", "trusted", "collaborative", and "inclusive".

LinkedIn's own data reveals that even enticing words like "passionate", "creative", "treasury specialists", "strategic", and "detail" are frequently overused.

What should you include instead? This video will guide you towards showcasing your authentic self. It's about highlighting your unique 'so what' moments, instead of getting lost in a sea of buzzwords.

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Learn how to personalize your LinkedIn profile and truly stand out. It's not about blending in - it's about carving out your own niche in your professional field. Let's get started on this journey together!

Would You Like To Be a Guest on The Treasury Career Corner podcast?

Hello, I'm Mike Richards and I host The Treasury Career Corner podcast.
I've recorded today's video as I wanted to get some of you amazing Treasury professionals to be more guests on the show, if you like. Between the amazing Carly and I, we try and book as many guests as we can. But we struggle sometimes because you guys don't know what's involved in the podcast.

So what I wanted to do, I thought I'd embrace the power of video on LinkedIn for a moment and try to explain a little bit more about what we talk about on the show and what's involved, and hopefully some of you lovely Treasury folk will volunteer yourselves to be guests on the show.
Now for anyone that doesn't know. It's a weekly podcast where on each
and every show I talk about you as Treasury professionals and your careers for about 1/2 an hour to 40 minutes. We talk about where you started in your career, where you are now, and where you see both yourself and the treasury profession going to next.

It's great. It's an audio only podcast, as you can see I’ve got a face for radio, enough of that!.

Anyway, I've been talking to Treasurers and Treasury professionals for over 25 years as a Treasury Recruiter. And I've loved talking about your career journeys. So I thought, do you know, we will bring it to life on this amazing podcast medium and we've been going now for nearly three years. It's amazing really. We've talked all the way through about all of your treasury career journeys.

We've talked about how technology has come to bear in treasury.
We've talked about areas you are passionate about and some of the areas that you hate talking about, as well. We go through those
as well, and we talk about any areas you want to that have a private passion for you. You know, say it's about people development or its technology or the different ways that treasury is growing as a profession.
So we do it for about 1/2 hour as I say and then at the end of each and every show, you share your top tips with other Treasury professionals,
you guys are amazing and sharing great stories to say. And also help people in their treasury careers.

Couple of other bits to add. It's NOT live.

It's never live, we record the show so if there are ever any errors,
mistakes, we go back over them at the time. We also then send you a recording of the show. We can change it, make any edits you want.
So only once you are 100% happy and also if need be your Communications team, that we will ever go live with the show. And the show, as I said earlier is pretty popular. We have been going let's say three years.
I've interviewed over 200 Treasury professionals on the show.
Each episode has been downloaded about 300 times.
Amazing audience! Total downloads over 70,000 now - pretty amazing! Amazing stories and I hope anyone watching who is interested either if you're interested in being on the show or you know, someone who think actually they've got some great stories to share, you'll be able to suggest them to me and send them through. Just send them to, and you'll be able to find out a little bit more.

Who's been on the show? Who else has been featured?
Well, we've had Treasurers from Anglian Water, Dow Chemicals, Indeed,
Porsche, Puma, Unilever, and the list continues to grow, some pretty amazing guests I've got to say, and I'd love you to join them.
So please let us know who you want to have on the show.
I'll invite them on to the podcast.
Thanks for all your support you wonderful, wonderful treasury people. Love you and I hope see you in the real world, not just virtually very soon.
Many thanks.

Networking Tips for Treasury Professionals

‘Pay It Forward’
I gave a solo presentation at Treasury 360° Oslo about the fact that in order to achieve treasury career success you need to forget about yourself and help others first!
By doing that it will help your own career…
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