LinkedIn Advice

Need to improve your LinkedIn profile? Then check out these videos for some top tips on how to create a powerful LinkedIn profile and build a strong personal brand.

Networking Tips for Treasury Professionals

‘Pay It Forward’
I gave a solo presentation at Treasury 360° Oslo about the fact that in order to achieve treasury career success you need to forget about yourself and help others first!
By doing that it will help your own career…
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Week 4: LinkedIn Advice for Treasury Professionals

Week 4 in our Bounce Back Program for treasury professional candidates. We run through 10 key steps to creating and crafting a powerful Linkedin Profile.

Link to Week 4 Group call about Improving Your LinkedIn Profile

Bounce Back Week 4: Group Zoom Call - Improve Your LinkedIn Profile

A recording of the Zoom call Mike Richards and our Bounce Back Candidate Program members had on week four. ...

Mastering a Virtual Interview Preparing Executing Earning An Offer

Getting the job, you deserve in 2021 means you need to become a master of the virtual interview.

Certain things about a virtual interview and an in-person interview are the same, including your preparation.

That is why Mike Richards, the leading global Treasury recruiter and Ernie Humphrey, the CEO of Treasury Webinars & 360 Thought Leadership Consulting join forces to headline this webinar to share their insights about what you need to do to;
* Set yourself apart from your fellow interviewees
* Convey your value proposition effectively
* Help land your dream role in 2021