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Why Don’t Clients Always Advertise Senior Treasury Roles When They Want To Recruit?

Reasons include;

Internal Sensitivity

They may be replacing the current Treasurer who may not have announced their move to their team and the company as whole and they want to do it in the right manner before they move into a more senior role

External Sensitivity

There may be factors whereby the Finance Director wants the new Head of Treasury agreed in advance so they can introduce them to their banking and financing partners in advance so they are comfortable with the change

A Planned Change

The incumbent may not be aware of an impending change and the CFO wants to ensure they have an effective and immediate changeover in place when required

They don’t want you to know!

Some clients simply want to have a direct switch that is agreed between the outgoing and incoming Treasurer and they want it to be under their terms

The “Hassle Factor”

Clients trust us to find their next Treasurer and they don’t want to face a barrage of calls and questions from recruiters who want to recruit the role when they already have us as a preferred recruitment partner, they don’t have either the time or patience to tell other parties to leave them alone

Would I Like To Advertise All The Senior Treasury Positions We Recruit?


Of course I would!

I have recruited some of these Senior Treasury roles;

  • Group Treasurer for AMS, FTSE100 plc

  • Treasurer for Blackstone Real Estate

  • Director of Treasury and Corporate Finance of Clarion Housing Group (twice!)

  • Head of Treasury for Ontic Engineering

  • Group Treasurer for Pentland Brands

  • Group Treasurer at The Shanks Group now called Renewi Plc originally a confidential search

  • Global Treasurer for SABIC

  • Global Treasurer for Senior Plc

  • Treasurer for Streamland Media

  • Group Treasurer for Techtronic Industries

  • Group Treasurer for V Group

Amongst others!

Of these positions, EIGHT were confidential searches that I was desperate to publish on our website and I wanted to shout from the rooftops about!!!

But when a CLIENT says Mike it’s a confidential search I respect that!

So Mike if I want insightful yet constructive career advice and to register a CONFIDENTIAL interest in you as either a client or as a candidate where do I go?

I thought you would never ask…I thought that was just the voices in my head whispering once again…..

But this time I listened and they said Mike GO HERE!

Here you will find all your answers…

Oh whatever YES it’s a shameless plug but I have kids that need shoes you know and they don’t stop growing….

Anyway eBook, videos, flower displays, Airfix kits can all be found via that link…mmmmm…

OK don’t blame the messenger I couldn’t help it, I need treatment for “shameless self-promotion on LinkedIn” – there must be a cure somewhere hang on I just look in my Hotmail junk folder…

Yep found it…along with…sorry must go…I have Nigerian Lottery claim to sort out….