Job Interview Checklist – How To Nail Your Next Job Interview

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BEFORE THE INTERVIEW Dress to impress Dressing smartly and being punctual will give you the opportunity to relax into the environment. A good, firm handshake is vital. Maintain good eye contact and be cheerful. All these factors help create a positive first impression. PMA- Positive mental attitude You have earned this interview so the client [...]

Will Resigning Now Help You Secure A New Role Sooner?

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One of our candidates is keen to make a move so she asked us if she should resign and then she would not have to serve a 3-month notice period. She wanted to know "would this make her more marketable to a new employer?" No I don’t believe so. Firstly it is likely that the [...]

How Long Will It Take To Make a Move?

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This is a follow-up article to "Will Resigning Now Help You Secure A New Role Sooner". We were asked by one of our candidates whether she should resign sooner rather than later? In the article "Will Resigning Now Help You Secure A New Role Sooner?" LINK HERE /will-resigning-now-help-you-secure-a-new-role-sooner/ After that our candidate said she wanted [...]

Talking Treasury Careers

In this weekly podcast, I interview treasury professionals from across the globe about their treasury careers. I talk to them about their roles, how they built their careers, where they are now and where do they see both themselves and the treasury profession developing.

Other areas we talk about include; Career highlights and lowlights. Where they got their big break? What do they see as key to their success? Where do their careers go from here? What do they see as the future of the Treasury profession?