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Will Resigning Now Help You Secure A New Role Sooner?

One of our candidates is keen to make a move so she asked us if she should resign and then she would not have to serve a 3-month notice period.

She wanted to know “would this make her more marketable to a new employer?”

No I don’t believe so.

Firstly it is likely that the person she will be taking over from will be at a similar level so they too would be on three months’ notice and they will be made to work it as well!

She thought that by shortening her availability perhaps it would make her the first choice for an employer this isn’t something I have seen.

It is true that I have heard of one or two companies who have said that one rather than three months’ notice did influence their decision to hire but this made me think that they just wanted to fill a job not recruit a career enhancing role for a candidate.

If they are a company of any kind of quality they will wait.

If their pivot / decision point is based solely upon the fact that they will have to wait for another few weeks then they are probably not the right group for you!


I can’t stand it anymore I’m out of here!

OK she said what if:

  • My role is diminishing and I can’t stand it here any longer!
  • My boss is a challenging son-of-a-gun
  • I want to follow the interim route because I have heard that the money is better and no responsibilities it sounds ideal!!!


We asked her “so you guys have employed interim treasury professionals in the past, what jobs did you give them?”

You bring in an interim person – you don’t give them the sexy work!

You give that to your permanent guys as a reward for the great work they have been doing.

You give an interim all the treasury work you don’t want to do but that still needs doing.

You give them the policy writing, systems work and other duties that aren’t career enhancing.

Or on a project basis they come in deliver and go away.

OK sometimes there can be some really good interim roles maternity covers or sickness covers but there is no certainty to the flow of work and you are in competition from professional treasury interims too!

The worst case scenario is that guys decide to try the interim route at a relatively early stage of their careers.

It can start to look as if they are job hopping when it is exactly the opposite!

They want to improve / enhance their treasury careers and end up doing the reverse.

You don’t want to bounce between treasury roles, if you are in a situation where it really has come to the end of the road then yes maybe you do need to exit but do it from a position of strength.

Surely by allowing yourself to be forced out of a role you are letting them win? You are giving in!

Stick it out – when the right role comes along you will know!

Trust us – we will help you find it!