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Fully Understanding Your Organisation with John McAnulty


About this episode

To be successful in treasury, it’s important to build an intimate understanding of your company from top to bottom.

That advice comes from this week’s guest on The Treasury Career Corner who joined the show to provide expert advice to treasury professionals.

John McAnulty, former Group Treasurer at Richemont, discusses his route into the industry, how the treasury world has evolved and how he has navigated crises over his 30+ year career.

Plus, he highlights the key traits he thinks professionals require to make it in treasury.

John McAnulty was appointed Group Treasurer of Richemont, a leading luxury goods company, in 2000 and is based in Geneva. In addition to coordinating all treasury activities, he is responsible for overseeing the Group’s global pension, insurance and enterprise risk management programmes. He left this role in September 2022.

Prior to joining Richemont, he worked from 1989 for SmithKline Beecham plc undertaking a variety of roles in finance and strategy development. From 1985, he worked for the Midland Bank group, first in its leasing subsidiary and subsequently in the banks’ central finance function.

Born in the UK, John holds a degree in Business Studies, a Post Graduate Diploma in Finance and is a Fellow of the Association of Corporate Treasurers.

On the podcast we discussed…

  • How John approached treasury as a newcomer
  • The evolution of automation and tech in treasury
  • Making an international switch
  • How entering treasury has changed over the years
  • The benefits of being curious
  • How Richemont changed during his time there

You can connect with John McAnulty on LinkedIn.

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