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The Treasury Recruitment Market in 2022 & 2023 – Europe


Katie Hardie

Katie Hardie

Executive Consultant, Global Treasury The Treasury Recruitment Company

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About this episode

On this special episode of the Treasury Career Corner podcast we’re bringing you something a little bit different. In this episode I interview our very own Katie Hardie about the current state of the European Treasury recruitment market.

Katie runs the European practice here at The Treasury Recruitment Company and has over 19 years’ experience both in specialist agency recruitment and heading up in house recruitment teams, so she is definitely your go-to person for corporate treasury recruitment in Europe.

Whether you want to hire a treasury professional or you’re seeking advice about your next treasury career move, Katie is the one to speak to!

On the podcast we discussed…

  • The current state of the European Treasury Recruitment Market post pandemic
  • How the rise in the cost of living has impacted candidates’ openness to new opportunities
  • The rise in competition for junior level roles in particular and the impact on experience v’s salary in today’s market
  • What’s happening with remote/hybrid working across the European markets and impact of this on salary levels.
  • Where do we see the treasury job market heading in 2023 and any advice we would give to people who are thinking about making a treasury career move
  • The impact of the rise in salary and effect of this on other benefits that companies are now offering to stay ahead of the curve and attract people in
  • What candidates need to do now to plan ahead for 2023 and set them apart from their competition
  • The Global Treasury Salary Survey

You can connect with Katie Hardie on LinkedIn.

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