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Making Smart Treasury Technology Choices with Anshul Patni


About this episode

Technology is an increasingly important part of life as a treasury professional. But it’s crucial that we are using the right systems in the right ways.

On this episode of The Treasury Career Corner, guest Anshul Patni, Treasurer at Instacart, explains how you can prioritise technology that will work for you and get the best out of what you buy.

Plus, he discusses his route into the industry and finding a new role during COVID all while looking after a young family. Anshul also provides expert advice for those new to treasury.

Anshul’s first steps into finance came in India when he interned with Ernst & Young in 2007. He later moved on to Business Analyst and Financial Analyst roles at Triple Point Technology and Reval before entering treasury with Deloitte in 2012.

He remained with Deloitte in various management roles, such as Manager of Global Treasury Advisory Services and Director of Treasury, until 2020.

Anshul became Diebold Nixdorf’s Director of Treasury during the pandemic before returning to Deloitte as a Director in 2021.

Now, Anshul holds the role of Treasurer at Instacart.

Anshul Patni is a treasury leader focused on advising treasury and information technology executives on treasury and risk management, information security and banking technology. He has expertise in cash and liquidity management, treasury accounting, supporting treasury technology, program management and treasury payments.

On the podcast we discussed…

  • Why treasury pros should be flexible and versatile
  • Reviewing your technology needs
  • Anshul’s journey into treasury
  • Getting the most out of your systems
  • The importance of risk management
  • What Anshul looks for in new hires

You can connect with Anshul Patni on LinkedIn.

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