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Leading Global Treasury Teams to Success with Fred Schacknies


About this episode

Join us for this special revisited episode of the Treasury Career Corner Podcast, as we reconnect with Fred Schacknie’s about his treasury career and what he’s been up to since he was last on the show.

Fred is now VP & Treasurer at TechnipFMC, a UK-based provider of technology solutions to the traditional and new energy industry, headquartered in Houston, TX. He leads a team 60 professionals in 12 countries, responsible for corporate finance, financial risk, cash management, credit, pension investment, insurance and infrastructure.

Prior to joining TechnipFMC in 2020, he held various treasury roles with Hilton, Constellation Energy and Lucent Technologies. Fred is a member of the Board of Directors of the Association for Financial Professionals (AFP). His teams have been recognized with an AFP Pinnacle Grand Prize, and Adam Smith Award and four Alexander Hamilton Awards for various projects advancing financial risk and liquidity management and treasury systems.

During our discussion Fred shares his journey into the world of corporate treasury, starting from his college degree in International Relations and Economics to his MBA in Finance and his first role on a trading desk. He then shares his experiences at various companies, including Lucent Technologies, Constellation Energy, and Hilton Worldwide.

Fred highlights the challenges and successes he encountered in each role, such as implementing an in-house banking platform and managing global liquidity and risk. He also discusses the transition of Hilton from a private to a public company and the changes it brought to the treasury function.

On the podcast we discussed…

  • An overview of Fred’s remarkable career in corporate treasury
  • Insights into leading a global treasury team spanning multiple countries
  • The importance of aligning processes, personnel and technology to uphold uniform policies and achieve collective objectives
  • Building diverse and multi-skilled teams
  • Recognizing the value of a quantitative mindset in a treasurer’s role
  • The importance of communication and leadership skills in treasury roles
  • Fred reveals what has helped him find a high level of success in his career
  • He shares advice for those aspiring to mirror his path to career accomplishment
  • Fred brings us up to speed on his post-show endeavors and current role at Technip

You can connect with Fred on LinkedIn.

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