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Technology, Data and Treasury Skills with Patrick Baumann

In this episode of the Treasury Career Corner podcast, we catch up with Patrick Baumann, who, at the time of his appearance on the show, held the position of VP Treasurer at Tupperware Brands, a renowned container company. Since then, Patrick has taken on a new role as VP Treasurer at Signature Aviation, marking an exciting shift in his career trajectory.


About this episode

Patrick shares his fascinating journey into the realms of finance and treasury, his valuable experience navigating international markets, and his unwavering passion for the treasury profession.

As we dive into the conversation, we explore:

  • Patrick’s initial foray into finance and his introduction to the world of treasury, which took shape during his tenure at a defence contract company.
  • The pivotal role that international exposure played in shaping Patrick’s treasury expertise.
  • Patrick’s insights into adeptly managing foreign exchange exposure and capital markets.
  • A deep dive into the realm of technology and data management, and how these elements are shaping the future of treasury.
  • Sound advice from Patrick for junior treasury professionals, offering valuable insights on career development.
  • The immense significance of networking, mentorship, and continuous education within the dynamic field of treasury.

Join us for this enlightening conversation with Patrick Baumann as he shares his treasury journey, experiences, and wisdom gained from his time at Tupperware Brands and his exciting new role at Signature Aviation.

You can connect with Patrick Baumann on LinkedIn.

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