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Embracing Treasury Automation and Technology

This week on the Treasury Career Corner podcast, host Mike Richards interviews Marianna Polykrati, the Group Treasurer at AVRAMAR, a leading company in the food industry.


About this episode

In this episode, Marianna shares her journey into finance and treasury, starting from her studies in psychology to her decision to pursue a career in accounting and finance. She discusses her experiences working in different sectors, such as banking, venture capital, and FMCG, and highlights the challenges and opportunities she encountered along the way. Marianna also emphasizes the importance of automation and technology in treasury and shares her insights on the future of the profession.

During Marianna’s career, she has played a key role in the execution of complex M&A and funding transactions as well as in liquidity crisis management. Her professional experience includes 16 years as a Group Treasurer in the largest FMCG Groups such as Chipita and Vivartia and 8 years in the Venture Capital and Leasing.

Utilizing the wealth of her experience, Marianna’s vision is to contribute to the future development of the Treasury profession and enhance the Treasurer’s role in becoming a critical business partner, leading the transformation in sustainability and as a technology enabler, supporting the adoption of technology by the local businesses and finance community with strong focus on Automation, FinTech, AI and Blockchain.

This is strongly supported through her capacity as the Ambassador in Greece of the Global Blockchain Business Council, the largest leading industry association for blockchain technology and digital assets, a member of the boardroom, a Think Tank dedicated to bridging the gender gap in the boardrooms and a Honorary Board Member of the Hellenic Association of Treasurers, devoted to creating a strong network and know-how exchange among  Greek treasury professionals.

On the podcast we discuss…

  • Marianna’s journey from studying psychology to becoming a treasury professional
  • Her experiences working in banking, venture capital, and FMCG
  • The challenges and opportunities in treasury and the importance of automation
  • Insights on the future of treasury and the role of technology
  • Marianna’s involvement in the Hellenic Association of Treasurers and her passion for connecting people

You can connect with Marianna Polykrati on LinkedIn.

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