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What Value Do You Place Upon Accounting and Treasury Qualifications?


About this episode

We’re back with another exciting episode of our 5-part series that we recorded at this year’s Group Treasurers Exchange.

This time, we ask treasury professionals the burning question – What Value Do You Place Upon Accounting and Treasury Qualifications?

The treasury professionals I questioned were:

  • Andreas Weindel – ex-Group Treasurer at Haribo Holdings
  • Damian Glendinning – ex-Treasurer at Lenovo
  • Marianna Polykrati – Group Treasurer at Chipita S.A
  • Oliver Eiss – Group Treasurer at Johnson Matthey plc
  • Rasmus Camborda Meilvang – Treasury Manager at Thomas Cook Airlines Scandinavia AS
  • Sam Pitt – ex-Group Treasurer at Network Rail
  • Andrew Bishop – Head of Treasury Operations at Gazprom Marketing & Trading

If you want to hear all of their answers for yourself, make sure you tune into the podcast to find out!

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