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How to Secure a Job in Treasury with Oliver Eiss


About this episode

We’re bringing you another episode of the Treasury Career Corner Podcast, where I interview treasury professionals about their careers. I’m having a great time broadening my horizons and getting to know so many wonderful people from all walks of life that share the same passion and enthusiasm for the treasury industry.

My special guest on this particular episode is Oliver Eiss, the Group Treasurer at Johnson Matthey. Oliver has over 20 years of experience in various global and complex blue-chip organisations in consumer goods, life sciences/pharma and chemicals industries. During his career, he has managed and led both large and small treasury teams. He’s known to be an effective relationship builder, communicator and negotiator with banks, credit rating agencies and equity or debt investors.

Oliver has a deep understanding of financial markets and proven financing and risk management experience, leading multiple bank refinancings and over £15bn of debt issuances in a number of currencies and markets. In his current leadership role as Group Treasurer of Johnson Matthey, a FTSE100 company, he manages the financial risks of the business. He also plays an integral part in the management of working capital, trade credit and has accountability for the group’s insurance programmes.

He sits on the pension scheme investment committee and is a member of the Finance Leadership Team and works alongside his colleagues in addressing the challenges facing the group’s finance function. Outside his executive role at Johnson Matthey, he is a non-executive member of the Treasury Committee of Southern Housing Group (one of the largest housing associations in the UK) and a non-executive director of Spruce Homes Ltd.

On the podcast we discussed…

  • An overview of Oliver’s journey into treasury from graduation to working as the Assistant Treasurer at Nestlé UK right up to his current role as Group Treasurer at Johnson Matthey
  • Why treasury qualifications (such as AMCT and MCT) are necessary to develop a broader understanding and perspective of the industry
  • Oliver’s experience with risk management and how it helped him in other roles throughout his career
  • Balancing and adapting to cultural differences in treasury
  • Developing regional treasury structures
  • How to effectively manage a global team virtually
  • The different ways Oliver’s role has helped him to make a real difference to Johnson Matthew including changing the way the company manages Working Capital
  • Setting up global financial programs and designing new payment solutions
  • Why people in the early stage of their career should try and move to new roles when possible and then find an area to specialise in
  • The importance of attaining project management skills if you want to see success within your treasury career
  • The main points of assessment when it comes to recruiting a new member to join the treasury team including professional qualifications and teamwork skills etc.
  • How automated technology can impact the future of treasury

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