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Climbing the Treasury Career Ladder with Kate Moorcroft from Barratt Developments


Kate (Wall) Moorcroft

Kate (Wall) Moorcroft

Group Head of Treasury, Insurance & Central Finance at Barratt Developments plc

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About this episode

Women in Treasury month continues here on the Treasury Career Corner podcast and in this episode, Kate Moorcroft, the Group Treasurer of Barratt Developments, is in the hot seat.

Kate began her treasury career at Coventry Building Society in 2002 as a Treasury Trainee and worked her way up through the ranks before being promoted to Senior Dealer in 2008.

In 2010, she was offered the opportunity to move from a financial organisation to a corporate one and joined National Express as a Treasury Manager. During the six years Kate spent at National Express, she was promoted to the role of Assistant Treasurer and then finally Deputy Group Treasurer, where she managed a small team and lead various international projects.

Kate now holds the position of Group Treasurer at Barratt Developments, one of the largest residential property development companies in the United Kingdom.

In my interview with her, we talk about the steps she took to rise to the top of the treasury profession with help from supportive management, a pro-active mindset and her eagerness to always learn new things and develop her skillset.

On the podcast we discussed…

  • Kate’s experience working as a Treasury Trainee at Coventry Building Society and how it helped her to decide what area of treasury she wanted to pursue
  • The main differences between Financial Services Treasury and Corporate Treasury
  • An insight into Kate’s previous role as a Treasury Manager at National Express
  • The impact treasury has on things like cultural differences
  • How Kate and her team at National Express dealt with risk and risk management including fuel hedging
  • The benefits of being part of a smaller treasury team
  • The importance of having a training and development process in your place of work
  • Why Treasury qualifications are necessary
  • Key priorities in the treasury department at Barratt Developments such as cash management and cash forecasting
  • The international focus of Kate’s role at Barratt Developments
  • How Brexit will impact the business and expected challenges such as skills shortages
  • The importance of having a diverse treasury team
  • Career advice for anyone who wants to be an FTSE100 Treasurer
  • Kate’s views on the “me too” movement and the role of women in treasury
  • Kate shares her predictions for the future of the treasury industry and where she sees it going

If you’d like to find out more about Kate and her treasury career, you can connect with her on LinkedIn.

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