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The Recruitment Ethos Behind Corporate Treasury with Lynda Heywood


About this episode

We’ve got a wonderful special guest joining us on this episode of the Treasury Career Corner podcast, and that’s none other than the incredible Lynda Heywood, the Group Treasurer at Tesco PLC.

As you’re probably well aware, Tesco is the UK’s leading retailer with over 400,000 employees across eight different countries. Lynda has over 20 years of experience across the treasury function and is an MCT and ACA qualified FTSE 100 Corporate Treasurer.

Lynda and I talk all about her career within treasury from her early days working as a Treasury Accountant at Willis to her role as an Assistant Treasurer and then Global Treasurer at Kingfisher PLC. We also dive into the details of her existing role as the Group Treasurer at Tesco.

It’s a fantastic discussion that explores what it takes to work in corporate treasury as well as an insider’s perspective on the recruitment ethos behind employing new candidates for treasury roles within such a large organisation.

On the podcast we discuss…

  • Lynda’s journey from working in accountancy to her current role as Group Treasurer at Tesco
  • The benefits of taking MCT and ACA qualifications
  • How King Fisher grew and developed with help from Lynda leading the treasury team
  • Working part-time and how it impacted Lynda’s role as Assistant Treasurer
  • The challenges of working as a part-time treasurer
  • How Lynda’s treasury roles evolved and how she adjusted to new roles within her treasury career
  • The importance of finding a role that always challenges you and gives you opportunities to develop
  • How to put yourself on the “job market” when searching for a new role
  • Overcoming challenges within Tesco’s treasury department
  • The daily tasks and struggles of managing a treasury team
  • What to expect from a job interview with Lynda
  • Why recruiters should try and challenge candidates in job interviews to help ensure the job matches the candidate’s career aspirations
  • Lynda’s prediction for the future of treasury
  • Advice for people in the early stages of their treasury career

If you’d like to get in touch with Lynda, you can reach out to her via her LinkedIn profile.

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