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How to Forge a Successful Career in Treasury with Paul Miseré


About this episode

In this week’s episode of the Treasury Career Corner podcast I’m joined by Paul Miseré, the Treasury Director EMEA at Medtronic. We explore what gets him excited about treasury and what’s motivated him to rise through the ranks at a global organisation over the last decade. Founded in 1949, Medtronic is a global healthcare solutions company committed to improving lives through their medical technologies, services, and solutions. Since beginning, 60 years ago, their mission has remained the same: to alleviate pain, restore health, and extend life for people around the world. To meet the needs of patients and healthcare professionals around the globe, they operate from more than 370 locations in approximately 160 countries. Paul joined Medtronic back in 2002 and has worked his way up from being fresh-faced into the industry to being Treasury Director. If you’re looking to forge a similar career, then get listening. On the podcast we discussed…
  • How Paul first discovered Treasury
  • How Treasury has changed over the last decade
  • What it's like to work in a global organisation
  • What advice Paul would give to other people who aspire to have a similar career path
  • How he rose through the ranks at Medtronic
  • What keeps Paul passionate about Treasury
  • How you will know if a career in Treasury is for you
If you would like to get in touch with Paul, you can connect with him via his LinkedIn profile. Are you interested in pursuing a career within treasury? Whether you’ve recently graduated, or you want to search for new job opportunities to help develop your treasury career, The Treasury Recruitment Company can help you in your search for the perfect job. Find out more here. Or, send us your CV and let us help you in your next career move! If you’re enjoying the show please rate and review us on whatever podcast app you listen to us on, for Apple Podcasts click here!