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Key Tips for Progressing in Treasury with Doug Knebel


About this episode

Doug Knebel, the Director of Treasury Operations at AVX Corporation, joins me on this episode of the Treasury Career Corner podcast. AVX Corporation is an American manufacturer of electronic components headquartered in Fountain Inn, South Carolina. As a leading international manufacturer and supplier of a broad range of innovative sensor, control, and interconnect solutions, AVX serves a massive range of industries including automotive, industrial, medical, military, consumer electronics, communications, and transportation markets and has done for nearly 50 years. As the Director of Treasury Operations, Doug’s main responsibilities include leading the Treasury function from the Corporate Headquarters, managing cash and investments for the entire global operation, ensuring liquidity for all legal entities in 21 countries, overseeing foreign currency hedge program for all sites, and so much more. Prior to joining AVX, Doug worked for companies in a variety of industries such as telecom, wholesale/distribution, and chemical manufacturing. He has over 18 years of experience in Finance/Accounting, the last 12 of which have been spent in Treasury. On the podcast we discussed…
  • Why Doug decided to pursue treasury
  • The value of finding a great trainer or mentor
  • Why it’s so important to be consistent and work hard
  • Advantages of working for a smaller business
  • How Doug progressed through his career
  • Why it’s important to build relationships with bankers
  • Why you need to immerse yourself within the company as a treasurer
  • Why you should try to learn from other people’s mistakes as well as your own
If you’d like to get in touch with Doug, you can connect with him on LinkedIn. Are you interested in pursuing a career within Treasury? Whether you’ve recently graduated, or you want to search for new job opportunities to help develop your treasury career, The Treasury Recruitment Company can help you in your search for the perfect job. Find out more here. Or, send us your CV and let us help you in your next career move! If you’re enjoying the show please rate and review us on whatever podcast app you listen to us on, for Apple Podcasts click here!