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How to Position Yourself for Promotions in Treasury with Nicolas Carrera


About this episode

Nicolas Carrera joins me in this episode of the Treasury Career Corner to talk about his fascinating career and his current role as Group Treasurer at Metalor. Metalor is a Swiss-based global independent company (part of the Tanaka Group) working in the precious metal fields created in 1852 with subsidiaries in 17 countries (in Europe, Americas, and Asia) and more than 1500 employees. The company has three business groups, each corresponding to a group of specific markets: Refining, Advanced Coatings & Electrotechnics. Their mission is to provide high-quality products and services that exceed their customers' expectations while applying irreproachable ethic principles and promoting sustainable practices. As the Group Treasurer, Nicolas reports directly to the Group CEO and is responsible for managing the four areas of Treasury, including Hong Kong, China, USA, and Switzerland. He is also a member of the company's Management Committee with the CEO and five other VPS. On the podcast we discussed…
  • How Nicolas got started in Treasury
  • What it was like working as a Treasurer and Accountant for Skyguide (Air Traffic control Switzerland)
  • How to position yourself for a promotion
  • Why the Treasury system should be at the core of a business
  • How Nicolas and his team developed an effective Treasury management system
  • Why a blockchain solution became so valuable to the company
  • The importance of being open to adopting new solutions
  • How candidates for treasury jobs can stand out from others
  • Nicolas shares what he predicts for the future of Treasury
  • Tips for building a successful career in Treasury
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