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Trying New Things and Learning on the Job with Jeff McConaghy


About this episode

Many people underestimate how varied a career in treasury can be. But with so many industries to choose from, a global job market, and transferable skills to back you up, the sky’s the limit. In this episode of The Treasury Career Corner podcast, we’re joined by Jeff McConaghy, the Vice President of Corporate Finance and Treasury at Ferring Pharmaceuticals. Jeff has had a varied treasury career, spanning from Canada to Switzerland. He’s a former VP and Corporate Treasurer at Celestica and moved through several roles at McCain Foods, including VP and Group Treasurer. He’s dipped his toe in several different industries and is a big fan of trying new things and learning as you go. Headquartered in Switzerland, Ferring Pharmaceuticals is a research-driven, specialty biopharmaceutical group active in global markets. The company identifies, develops, and markets innovative products in the areas of reproductive medicine and women’s health, urology, and gastroenterology. Ferring has its own operating subsidiaries in nearly 60 countries and markets its treatments in 110 countries. On the podcast, we discussed…
  • How Jeff began his career in accounting before moving into treasury
  • Why Jeff took the leap and moved to Geneva to continue his career
  • How Jeff managed to learn on the job throughout his career
  • The transferable skills that allowed Jeff to switch between industries
  • Jeff’s top tips and advice for new treasurers
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