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How to Always Keep Evolving in Your Treasury Career with Lorena Pérez Sandroni


About this episode

What’s the best way to evolve within your treasury career?

We asked Lorena Pérez Sandroni, Director of Treasury at SVP Worldwide, in this episode of the Treasury Career Corner podcast. Lorena is someone who hasn’t be afraid to try new roles and different industries over the years – a move that has certainly paid dividends.

Lorena has also held positions in Epson Europe B.V. as a Treasurer, RTC Europe as a Treasury Manager, and Laureate Europe as a Cash Manager. Lorena also speaks at a number of events, such as the Group Treasurers’ Exchange.

SVP Worldwide, operating through SVP-Singer Holdings Inc. and its affiliates, is the world’s largest consumer sewing machine company, accounting for approximately one out of every three household sewing machines sold annually across the globe.

The company’s corporate headquarters is located in Nashville, TN, and supported by regional headquarters/sales offices located in Milan (Italy) and Mexico City (Mexico) that, combined, reach consumers in more than 180 countries.

SVP has manufacturing facilities across Asia and Latin America, multiple R&D centres, a software development centre in Europe, and a global supply chain with distribution centres in all regions.

On the podcast, we discussed…

  • Why Lorena decided to pursue treasury as a career path
  • How treasury is a flexible career path by nature
  • Why Lorena decided to move around for new opportunities
  • Lorena’s tips for starting in a new job
  • The challenges of managing people and setting team goals
  • Why Lorena likes to help women advance in their treasury careers

You can connect with Lorena on LinkedIn.

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