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Managing the Evolving Challenges in Treasury with Claudio Demolli


About this episode

Much like other fields, treasury has evolved exponentially over the years in terms of practices, scope, technology, and a lot more. But while evolving is one thing, adapting to and managing these new situations is another. So, how do you take on these new challenges in such a diverse and fast-paced field? In this episode of the Treasury Career Corner Podcast, I’m joined by Claudio Demolli, the SVP and Treasurer at IGT Plc. Claudio is well-versed in both the banking industry and treasury, giving him ample experience in managing the evolving challenges the field offers. He shares some of the knowledge he’s garnered over the years and some real-life challenges he’s managed throughout his career. Claudio started in the banking industry, serving eight years in analytical roles in both Italy and London. He then spent the next 30 years moving through a range of corporate treasury roles at multinational companies like FCA (now Stellantis) and Autogrill. In his present role, Claudio manages a growing team across four global locations specialising in funding, capital markets, cash management, financial risk management, credit management and insurance. Headquartered in the USA, IGT is a global gaming company with business operations in more than 100 countries. They provide a range of cutting-edge gaming technology products and services such as lottery management services, gaming systems, electronic gaming machines, digital gaming and commercial services.

On the podcast Claudio Demolli and I discussed…

  • How and why Claudio transitioned from banking to treasury
  • How Claudio navigated the challenge of managing teams on two continents
  • Why it’s important to nurture and grow talent
  • How understanding the priorities and demands of a business impacts the future of treasury
  • Why mobility in treasury teams is vital moving forward
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