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Feature Series: Our Take on the Corporate Treasury Industry


About this episode

This is the 4th, and last, episode of this amazing feature series with Hussam and Guillaume from Corporate Treasury 101. For this special episode, I shared the microphone with Katie Hardie, Recruitment specialist for the European markets, so she could help me answer the grueling questions from these two. In this episode, we focus our conversation on the latest trends in the Treasury Market. We discuss talent, recruitment, what consequences the pandemic has brought in our working habits, what is going on in Treasury overall and our culture at the Treasury Recruitment company. The hybrid way of working is by far one of the biggest changes we have witnessed in the industry over the last years. It is now a prerequisite for many candidates and companies wanting to attract (and retain) talent must adapt to this new trend. Working remotely is largely recognised as a productivity enhancer, but meeting physically also has its advantages. Knowledge transfer, culture nurturing, coordination between junior and senior staff are all parts of work that are best achieved by face to face interaction. But where does the market sit in terms of talent availability and job openings? How do we at The Treasury Recruitment Company help our clients to find the best, long term fit by nurturing a culture of transparency? And what are the differences between the US, UK and European market in terms of trends and maturity? Curious to know more? Then go and press the play button. This fascinating discussion is the natural end to our featured series. We talked about the early stages of a career in Treasury and how to enter into this world. We walked through what makes a great Treasury Manager, and in the previous I developed on what I have learned about Group Treasurers, interviewing more than 200 Treasury professionals.

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