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Feature Series: What I have seen in Great Treasury Managers


About this episode

Treasury Manager is the natural evolution of the Treasury Assistant and Analyst positions. But what does it really mean to be a Manager in Corporate Treasury? Being able to touch upon any Treasury topic - Cash Management, Financial Risk Management, System implementation, Basics of Accounting and so on is for sure a strength. But the Managers that stand out are those excelling at people skills and communication. You are not only a technician anymore, you are supervising a team of specialized and talented people. How you allow them to grow and thrive, whilst enabling the Group’s strategy and potentially influencing it by working as the custodian of cash: this is how to achieve success as a Treasury Manager. In this feature episode, I get interviewed by Hussam and Guillaume from Corporate Treasury 101. They co-host a podcast where they break down (sometimes complicated) Treasury topics and explain them in an easy to digest way. Today, they were interested in finding out from me what happens at the mid-levels of a Treasury Career. Naturally, we talked about the Manager’s position and what it means from a Front, Middle and Back Office perspective. We also go through the hard and soft skills required, what kind of profiles thrive in such an environment, as well as what can you expect in terms of challenges, salaries, personal growth, and much more. When recording this Feature Series, it was important for us to not only scratch the surface; but take the time to discuss all the aspects of this particular role in Treasury. We tackle the overall impact a Treasury Manager can have, but also the stress and pressure she or he has to face. Be reassured though, such a position can also be quite rewarding. Curious to know more? Hit the play button!

Links toward episodes and materials we discussed during this episode:

Links to a selection of Treasury trainings available in the market Last but not least… The link to the amazing podcast of my guests! Corporate Treasury 101 You can connect with Hussam and Guillaume on Linkedin: Hussam: Guillaume:

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