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Hey there, loyal podcast enthusiasts! 🎙️✨ First, thank you for being part of our incredible journey. We've hit a remarkable milestone - 290 episodes, over 130,000 downloads, and five years of engaging conversations. And guess what? We're not slowing down. This isn't a farewell; it's a commitment to continue delivering outstanding content. Speaking of engaging people, recently, I had the pleasure of attending the Treasury Management Association of New York conference. It was fantastic to connect with some of our podcast listeners, including the amazing Monique Aristizabal. Monique, it was a pleasure meeting you, and I'm thrilled to have you as part of our community. Shoutout time! 📣
  • Ricardo Schuh, you're a rockstar, always giving our episodes a thumbs up. Your support means the world.
  • Shane McConnell, I'm looking forward to our meetup at AFP.
  • Joseph Lai, your continued listenership is much appreciated.
  • Oh, and a random encounter in Barcelona - it was quite a surprise! To that friendly stranger who recognized my voice, thank you for tuning in, even if our chat was brief. I'd love to connect more.
Now, let's talk about what's coming up. AFP San Diego is just around the corner. I'll be speaking on October 24th at 2PM, it's going to be an incredible session! For more information: But here's the exciting part: I'll be in San Diego a bit early, catching John Cena's keynote. Can't wait for that! After John's speech, I'll be hanging around the ICD stand, and here's an invitation to all of you. If you're a podcast listener, come and meet me, share your thoughts, and let's have a face-to-face conversation. Your feedback and ideas are invaluable in shaping the future of the show. Now, one more thing before I go - our Q3 salary survey is launching. We're all about the numbers here, and this survey is no exception. It's grown to include 1,280 participants, and we want you to update your details. Visit: It'll take just a couple of minutes and your input helps us provide valuable insights into the treasury profession. That's it for now but stay tuned. More exciting updates are on the horizon, including the Treasury Career Corner live event in London on the November 23rd. More info here: Can't wait to see you there. Thank you for being part of our podcast family. I won't say, "Let's get on with the show," because this is the show. Until next time, take care, and see you soon! 👋🎉