Global Treasury Salary Survey

Treasury Salary Survey 2023

Are your treasury wages in line with our Global Treasury Salary Survey?

Thank you for deciding to take part in the only Global Treasury Salary Survey in the world!


We are just in the process of preparing the results for the assessment of salaries of over 1000 Treasury professionals globally and will be releasing these for Q1 2023 soon.


Take part below, once we verify you are a Treasury Professional, we send you a copy of the results 😊.

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What is the Global Treasury Salary Survey?

It’s the biggest and best Treasury sector salary survey of its kind. It benchmarks the salary data of Treasury professionals from around the world, from Treasury Analysts right the way up to Group Treasurers.

As a thank you for taking part, you will receive the full results for free and for your exclusive use.

Check out the results of our Treasury Salary Survey from Q2, 2022 here:


Haven’t I heard of this before?
We’ve conducted many Salary Surveys, but now we have improved it and its faster and easier than ever for you to complete!

Is the information I provide confidential?
Yes, it’s fully confidential, because none of the information released makes any of the survey respondents personally identifiable.

Yes, you are giving us access to your salary information, but this is treated in the strictest confidence and we use it to confirm that you are who you say you are.

The information is only kept by us and is never shared.

How else is my data used?
We also use your data to accurately assess the level of a respondent. For example, we have had survey participants who say they are a Group Treasurer, but if the size of their company is small and there is no Treasury team around them, we would actually classify that person in the Treasury Manager bracket, so as not to skew the results.

I don’t want to take part in the survey, but I still want to see the results. Is this possible?
Sorry, no. If you want to see the full breakdown of results then you have to take part in the survey.

That’s also the beauty of it, only those who take part get access to the full results.

Can I share the survey with my friends?
Of course! And we would encourage you to! The more results we collect, the better it will be for all Treasury professionals around the world to benchmark their salaries.

Just send this link to your treasury friends and colleagues:


For the best experience, we recommend completing the survey on a desktop / laptop computer.

We have received feedback from participants experiencing connectivity issues in UAE – It may not be possible to complete if you are located there.

By participating in The Treasury Recruitment Company Salary Survey, your contact details, as well as your survey answers, will be securely stored and data will be transmitted securely using SSL protocols.

We would request that survey results are not shared with other people as we believe that if you have taken the time to complete the survey then you deserve to keep the results as a thank you to you for taking part.