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19th March

How Automation is Shaping the Future of Treasury with Nitin Jain

Nitin Jain discusses the critical role of technology in transforming treasury operations, enhancing efficiency, cost reduction, and the evolving strategic role of treasurers in leveraging tech innovations like AI and blockchain fo...
Nitin JainMike Richards
30 min listen
Nitin Jain
13th February

The Rise of Hybrid Work and AI in Treasury Careers with Mike Richards

Mike and Craig delve into the evolving treasury landscape, emphasizing the importance of a compelling proposition to attract talent, the integration of AI and data tools, and the significant benefits of in-person networking events...
Craig JefferyMike Richards
28 min listen
Craig Jeffery
26th December

Mike Richards’ review of 2023 and look ahead to 2024

In 2023, the "Treasury Career Corner" podcast saw incredible engagement with over 130,000 downloads, featured insightful treasury stories and advice from industry leaders, and expanded its impact through global live events, settin...
Mike Richards
26 min listen
Mike Richards
5th December

Achieving Career Success in the New Hybrid World of Work

This podcast episode features experts Lee-Ann Perkins, Joel Campbell, and Mike Richards discussing the key challenges and strategies for effective remote and hybrid work in the treasury field, including technology integration, mai...
Lee-Ann PerkinsJoel CampbellMike Richards
66 min listen
Lee-Ann Perkins, Joel Campbell
21st November

Navigating Change and International Frontiers with Paul Hussey

Paul elaborates on his transition from SABIC to QatarEnergy, highlighting the importance of teamwork and embracing opportunities for personal and team growth in achieving treasury goals, while emphasizing the significance of inter...
Paul HusseyMike Richards
43 min listen
Paul Hussey
13th October


Celebrating 290 episodes, 130,000 downloads, and five years of engaging content, the podcast host highlights upcoming events, including speaking at AFP San Diego, reflecting on listener support and a surprise encounter in Barcelon...
Mike Richards
7 min listen
Mike Richards
2nd June

Treasury Recruitment Company Update, June 2023

Reflecting on recent podcast episodes with industry professionals discussing treasury challenges, upcoming insightful interviews lined up, and a preview of exciting events and plans in the treasury field.
Mike Richards
5 min listen
Mike Richards
9th May

Retaining Your Treasury Team in the New Age of Hybrid Working

Gain practical advice from experts on retaining skilled treasury teams during economic challenges by implementing strategies for hybrid working environments, focusing on remote work challenges, compensation, benefits, leadership,...
Mike Richards
44 min listen
Mike Richards

I had the privilege of doing a podcast with Mike. He is very knowledgeable about the corporate treasury space. Mike was a great host, asked insightful questions and was easy with which to work. He is a key resource should you need to recruit in the treasury world.

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